How To Save Time And Reduce Waste By Drying Your Lawn

I know, I know, the term “leisurely” doesn’t really have any connotations other than lazy.

I used to live on a very large garden. But when I moved and began gardening with my kids, I saw my time spent. I was taking so long just to get my plants in the ground that I lost all inspiration to put in a sprinkler or rake-off. I saw how much time I was going to waste, so it became important for me to figure out how I could cut down my time and save trees and other resources. So I put together this list of tips. It’s not all about the gardening, of course — there are more interesting topics there, such as choosing the right pottery for cooking or selecting the right fertilizer for soil development.

The “time waste” tip

– When you do a major project, make sure that everyone who works on it sees the results . This is not something that is as easy as “put it in a drawer and forget about it.” Everyone has an opinion, and if you don’t have a “back-story” for your work, no one will care that your project takes so long because it has been forgotten about. So, make sure that everyone who works on it sees the results and gives you a good reason why.

– Try to not go to your garden to pick something up that has grown for a year or more . You might see something new and interesting that’s so long that the soil has been in bloom. I remember how the old man had a couple of beautiful redbuds hanging from his vine. I didn’t know how long they’d been in bloom, so I decided to look in the yard and pick a few of them. Then when I went to the garden later in summer, he had gone away.

– Make notes about what you’re looking for in a plant from the beginning. Don’t wait until a little later and then decide “That plant is no good for me today; I’ll wait till next summer.” So, always keep a few of the “gems” of the season in mind as you walk around. You can show the photos of those you like to the person who comes to weed your garden.

– Plant flowers early — don’t wait for the summer sun to set (unless you have something very dense planted like pine). There will be a lot of sun, and they look prettier and more fragrant when the sun is hot.

– Keep a garden journal . I have a couple to-do lists that I keep about what I want to do and where I want to do it. Not only can I see what plants I’ve taken care of (I have a lot of experience with that), but the notes make it easy for me to keep track of my to-dos. It is my way of tracking the time that I spend on a given project.

– Make sure to put a plant in front of the door . I like a little space in my doorway and a little little space in my hallway. It helps remind me to plant a “proper” plant (like an apple or a plum tree). So, make sure to make your door look a little prettier and have a little space between the plant and the door so that it looks as though you’re having fun! I also recommend that you have flowers (and other plants) planted on the wall in front of the door in order to attract attention to your house.

– Do not waste the space that you can plant. Try to take up as little space as possible. You can make room for fruit trees, vines, herbs, etc if you have your space set up right.

– Don’t forget to pick-up the trash. I can’t be the only one that keeps forgetting to. This is one of those times that you can actually be wasting time if you don’t pick up the trash.