How To Say No In 30 Seconds Or Less

If you only have 30 seconds to make an important change or choose one — ask yourself if it makes sense. And if it does, go for it — say no, don’t say anything. You know exactly the right words and how to use it. You’ll feel more empowered to take action and make a change.

The question: “Do I have any hobbies? Do I have any friends? My friend says they’re having a problem or I guess I should get out more. Should I get out more?” This is the answer: “No, you shouldn’t.” I’ve never heard anyone come up with that answer in 30 seconds.

In any situation where you have a lot of choice, always go with the answer first. Ask yourself the hard questions when it comes to your life.

4 – Always Keep in Mind the Future

If you want to make a change, you don’t just take an action. You take a step by step approach.

You know what you want and you have to think how, how much and when you have to achieve it. The more you take a step by step approach, the more confident you will be when it comes to making a specific goal.

The question: “If I do X, will B happen?”

The answer: Yes! It depends on the situation, the circumstances, and your goal. This will give you a strong foundation to make a very important change or start something up.

The question: “Do I need a job? Do I need a new car? Am I in a certain situation right now or not?”

The answer: There is nothing wrong with doing something out of your comfort zone. You should take time to be a little uncomfortable, to see what can happen. If something great comes out of the experience, then awesome! But, if not – that’s ok, too! It happens. You need to be ok knowing that nothing is really impossible, and sometimes if you are pushing yourself, nothing is just a step away.

The question: “If I do X, will C happen?”

Do not get stuck.

The answer: Yes, eventually you will have to make a decision about something and your answer will be yes or no. What if I wanted to live near my mom on a very limited budget for a short time so I could go to grad school? Do I take a big risk and find a job that is $35/hr for a little more time in an area of study that I like in hopes of a bigger payback in the future, or do I give up on the dream and take that job that will most likely pay me more for doing the same thing for less time? These decisions will most likely require planning, strategizing and weighing the costs and benefits.

The question: “If I do Y, will D happen?”

The answer: Well, that’s a good question. How much do you want to make a longterm commitment to a lifestyle change? How much money do you have available to make the financial sacrifice? These are important questions to make sure you are not blowing your money on a short-term fix or going in the wrong direction.

The question: “Do I have time, money or money/time?”

The answer: It depends – but make sure you have enough or at least enough to make the commitment. If something is too far out, make sure you set a timeline, make it realistic and not a joke.

The question: “Do I have time? Do I have money?”

The answer: Make sure you plan a budget so that you have a clear picture of where you need the money to be.

The question: “Do I have money? What are my finances?”

The answer: Do the math.