How To Set And Keep Your Goals

The simple act of setting a goal can be more motivating than the thought of achieving it. The key to keeping your goal is persistence and a little bit of motivation. And to keep ourselves motivated, we need to take risks.

Setting and keeping a goal takes effort, and it can be very tough to stick with it. If you’re feeling burnt out or don’t feel like you want to go through the process, there are some methods to help you get through.  A key factor to success here is making a plan.  Here are eight ways to get your mind focused on your goal.  Try a couple out, then if it’s feeling more achievable, do another one.

Set A Timetable

One of the easiest ways of doing this is by setting a time that you’ll track. For instance, if one of your biggest goals is to run a 5k and you’re only planning to run 1k, then create a new time on your calendar, and set yourself a goal of running 5k in the same time it takes you to plan (or even better , plan more!).  As a rule, if your daily commute happens to occur on your day of the goal, start running the goal, too. If you’re doing this with something like a workout app, set yourself a workout goal, either set a target time or choose a goal you’re not even ready to complete yet.  If you decide to do one of your goals at a specific time, this means you’ve set yourself up to succeed, even if the actual activity itself doesn’t always feel like it’s going to stick.

Don’t Be Afraid To Pause Or Skip A Goal

There are a number of methods for skipping goals, but we like to use a method known as momentum as it takes a really big leap of faith.  This means the more the longer the time taken to complete a goal, the more motivated you’ll feel.  If you know that a few more minutes will make the difference between you going to the gym and not, consider taking a few moments to take a break, look at your watch or the clock on the wall and see how much time it will take to complete.  If it’s longer than you’d want it to be and your mind feels the pressure, make an excuse.

Plan Ahead

Not every day is going to be good and every date will be perfect.  But by planning ahead, you’re taking control of the situation and creating the best possible future.  And it gives you a lot of options.  The biggest mistake you can make with a long-term goal is to say, ‘Well, we’ll get there’.  A far better answer is, ‘We’re already there.’  Plan for at least 4 months out and give yourself options.  You can either set a date for a new goal, or you can just keep the one you’re doing (unless it’s a big one). 

Take Your Time To Achieve A Goal

This is another way to get motivated.  You want to give yourself room in your day to feel as if you’re accomplishing something.  Take your time by finding a quiet place, put on a book, and get comfortable. As you’re reading by yourself, you can get away for a while and be more focused.  And once you start doing your goal (hopefully), it will probably feel like less than 10 minutes long.  You’ll find that this is because you’re actually having a lot of thoughts.  The mind needs some time to sort through all of that and then you can move forward again.