How To Start Exercise Without Spending Time With Your Family

You can take exercise in the moment when you find you’re in pain or need some relief. Or, you can make exercise a habit once you’ve figured out how. We’ll give specific advice on how to get moving. Let’s do it, right now.

Every morning as I get up to brush my teeth, I see someone walking on the street with a walking stick. I ask, “What are you doing?” And they reply, “I want to be one of those people who is doing this.” They’re right! You can get started on exercise without having to be in a gym or surrounded by other people.

Here’s how: 

Put a stick in your backpack or in a place you can find it while running.   I recommend placing it on top of your backpack or bag of keys.   If you have no place to store a walking stick, place it somewhere in your home.   If you need to store the walking stick, you need not worry about losing it. If you can’t find a way to bring a walking stick with you, you can get one made for you. They cost about $15.   I have not found one in my neighborhood. But I’m sure there is one somewhere in the city.

Get up at a time when you can get in a 30-minute walk. Do a 10-minute walk or jog (1/2 mile time and 4 seconds per lap will accomplish this).   When you return to your home, put the stick back in your pack or backpack.

When you’re ready, put the stick in your mouth. Make sure your jaw is in good alignment. Put it in your mouth for no more than 1.5 seconds. When you do this quickly and accurately, you’ll get the most benefit from the exercise.

I started this walk to make better time for work. I had a 20-minute traffic jam to get through on the way to work, but with this exercise I can run my commute and arrive to the office in record time. The walk had no impact on my sleep and I’m now looking forward to my day (I also did yoga, dance and a session at the gym today, so the progress I made is quite impressive).

When I work a demanding job, my exercise is limited to walking. In order to stay fit, I have to do other things besides exercise. The extra exercise I get today may help me to stay fit for more work.

Don’t stop exercising for more than 5 minutes. Make the walk 10 minutes or more. Don’t hold one hand or foot for more than 10 seconds. If you’re in pain after a walk, take your stick out of your mouth and continue. If you fall over or have difficulty, check on your breathing and find the best way to continue. Be patient.

If you don’t like walking, don’t walk. I love walking and often do as I start a day. But most of my weekends are spent in the city so I rarely walk with my family and friends. But on Sunday mornings, my wife, daughter and son-in-law joined me for 30 minutes of walking. This made my Sunday mornings quite a bit better and I was able to squeeze in the workout. I do this every other weekend when we are able to get the walk in.

In the evening as I make dinner or eat healthy foods, I find a comfortable sitting position. I will always place my hands on my lap or arms so that I can do this exercise slowly and comfortably.

Be gentle when picking up the stick. If you can’t do it right away, find more comfortable and relaxing position, or find a friend to keep you company.

If you want to improve your posture and balance on your feet, take time every time you walk.