How To Stay Active Even If You Hate Doing It

If everyone in the world wanted to do the same thing — run a marathon — no one would do it. Life is about choice — your ability to control what you choose to do. How you choose to live your life has a huge impact — both on yourself and on those around you. Learn more about this video and my own experience in this video.

If everyone in the world wanted to run a marathon, no one would run a marathon. In this video, I share why this is, and where you are going with your chosen activity. From a health perspective, the physical benefits are considerable. However, the psychological benefits are as good, or better, I have seen from exercise. It’s an incredible experience.

It’s not just about the physical benefits. It’s about the psychological benefits. How? It’s easy to do everything you’re supposed to for the rest of your life. What is hard, if not impossible, to do is focus on the process of what you have to do next. How do you stay on track, stay in motion? The mental activity required to focus is essential for any successful effort. You cannot be successful in almost any endeavor if you aren’t mentally focused.

If everyone in the world wanted to take off a year from their busy work lives, no one would do a year’s worth of vacation. I used to do this. I remember walking up to the big glass windows of my house, which face the ocean. I would look down on the beach and think, how many days can I live here? How many days can I go? I thought at the time, I couldn’t do it with this life I was living. I didn’t have the time. And yes, it was a hard life.

I never got past the beach, and I couldn’t live in the same area for long. At some point, however, I got the idea of getting someone on the phone in Hawaii, and asking him what he could do for me if I wanted to leave. What can I do? Could I use it as motivation to give this place a try, and move here? Yes, I did. I moved here.

How do you get off tracks and get moving? Well, if there is no goal, no goal. It’s easy to keep moving from place to place. However, if you are looking for a direction … or, more accurately, direction leads on to a goal — then it is much easier to be more intentional with your effort. Here’s where goal setting comes in. This video is about building up a list of long term goals before I move and how you achieve them. You cannot have everything in life planned out the minute you realize you can. There are endless options and options. It’s about choosing the ones that have the most long term potential.

For many of us, exercise is one of these options. We walk into a gym and try out this or that new exercise technique. We’re at the gym today because we’re tired, and we decided we were going to give it a try. Or, we get a new client because we are frustrated about doing nothing. We then decide to give it one last try. Or, we are so excited about the exercise we are about to try that we don’t care what time of year it is, or what we are doing today.

If you get the idea that exercise is either, a) useless or b) a waste of time, you need some big changes in your approach. Your fitness is in no way dependent on the weather, or on when it’s warm out. If you look long term, you might think exercise is a waste of time.