How To Stay Focused Without Focusing On What You’re Watching

For most people, distraction is a constant, and distraction is a major problem that distracts us from the things that matter.

I’m a new dad, so I need time to myself. I need to be able to enjoy things without the distraction of other people, television or other media that can be distracting. How do I stay focused? I watch a lot of television, but not anymore. I spend a lot of my time doing work on my computer (and reading books to do that on the computer), or I read a good book. I also listen to music and some podcasts (like this one). I’m working on my podcast, so I’m trying to stay ahead of what’s coming next.

The best way to not be distracted is to take a break, and then go back to work.

The best way to stay focused is to create your own schedule, or create a new pattern for when you have free time.

There are different kinds of distractions, such as: 

Dedication – making sure that you do something every day to make sure that you’re doing the things that matter to you.  Focus – focusing on what is important in your life, such as your family, faith, health, and more.  Distraction – the Internet, television, other media.  Procrastination – if you take a longer break than you really should, it will not only be confusing, there’s a high chance you won’t accomplish anything other than procrastinating for a longer time.  Distraction is the cause of a lot of productivity issues.  

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What you can do to stay focused is to practice focusing, and to focus on the activity you want to do, and what you have to do in order to get a task done. If you focus on the activity you want to do, you will stay focused on it. (click on the cover)

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