How To Stay Happy

Happiness is a complex issue. If you’re looking for one guide to a magical formula that’ll make you happy for the rest of your life, there’s not one — but there are a bunch of books.

All good books tell us the same one thing: the only thing we truly know and understand is the human heart’s reaction to the most powerful and exciting events in our lives . The only way to understand and truly understand life is to become a better, wiser heart by experiencing the things that make it exciting, what makes it meaningful, and understand how to use them all. And yes, I do believe these books were written by well-intentioned souls who meant well but had too much too soon. As the saying goes: “You can’t get happiness from other people, you must find it inside of yourself.”

Happiness is a state for which we should be working hard. All the books I’ve read about happiness have been written by people who’ve achieved happiness. To quote Don Miguel Ruiz: a true hero is one whose accomplishments are a gift to him or herself, and nothing more. If this statement is true, then in order to achieve happiness, your goal should be to become more and more comfortable with the things that are happening to you.

The good news is that it is incredibly important to find what really amazes you. What are the highlights in your life? What do you truly cherish? You’ll be in a much better position to understand what you have, rather than simply seeking what you don’t.

When I started to read on the topic of happiness, I took the approach that I’d rather be happy than right. There really is no other option: you either get what you want and are unhappy or get what you don’t want and are happy. And what I read on the topic of happiness stressed the importance of being happy: you must be happy to experience the things that make you happy. You must embrace your heart’s desires.

I didn’t start off this way.

I was the kind of person who thought “What could I possibly be unhappy about?” I was confident and happy all the time. But as a writer at first, I knew there are things that are a disappointment. I didn’t realize it until I finally started reading as a writer. Even after I’d figured it out, I struggled to come up with something.

But this was how I had to start the journey forward. After all, if I can’t be happy when I am not getting what I want, how is that going to work out for anyone else? And if I don’t feel happy, then how are we going to have a healthy relationship with each other? And if that isn’t possible, then what’s the point of continuing? We don’t need a reason to work or play; happiness is enough for anyone.

So I went back to where I started. I began reading the stories about the people who’ve had the experience of falling in love with the only other person in their lives. I began to think about my own story and what has made me most happy. I asked myself these questions to put things into perspective: why do I believe that all of the things that make me happy have to come from within me and are not something that anyone else can give to me? To me, that was the key to happiness, because the only person with the power to pull me out of the mire is me. I know that sounds crazy to people, but I firmly believe it is the truth.

I also asked myself if I was living the “right” life. Is this how I should be living my life? If that’s it, then I could live my life accordingly. If it is more about what others are doing with their lives and what they need, then it doesn’t matter how much I want to be happy; I don’t think in those terms.