How To Stay Healthy Long-term With Paleo And Vegan Diets

When you adopt a new diet, it is critical to learn from the experience, and to learn from those who have a long history of a healthy, fulfilling diet in their past.

At first, I was scared and nervous, afraid that I would do something that was wrong. If I went vegan or ate raw, I would have a death sentence waiting for me. I had gone vegan just months ago when I saw that my former health issues were directly linked to eating meat and dairy, so this was a major step. I was still trying to get over the “cravings.” I didn’t have a clear sense as to what might have worked in this case, so I decided to stick to what I thought had worked for others. I continued to make progress until I felt confident that I could stick to this diet. I was not hungry, didn’t feel a craving, and I had a sense of accomplishment when I was eating foods that I had been missing without even realizing it. I felt better in the long run, no matter the outcome.

I have struggled with my nutrition since starting Paleo. I have gone for long, intense, and rigorous diet plans with varying degrees of success. My first diet was a 5-day raw vegan plan. Even with a strict, healthy diet that I had been following for several years (no soy and other animal products whatsoever), I had many health issues with the health of my bones, thyroid, adrenals, and gut. This was the diet that pushed me away from veganism and back. The plan was completely out of my control. All I knew was that I wanted to stay away from dairy, as I was allergic to milk. The only thing I was unable to keep to this diet was meat, and I was not able to stay away from dairy because the dairy was the only thing they offered.

My next diet was a 10-day raw, vegan, and ketogenic plan. This plan was much more like a long diet than a few days, and I saw a significant improvement in my digestion, energy, and health. This is the diet that changed my life, but the one that put me on a path toward more health and less stress because I had a clear and specific diet to follow. This plan was so much more successful and enjoyable than anything else I had done to date. It was so clear and easy to follow that even without knowing the science behind this diet as well, if I had been a little more specific about what I was eating I could have avoided a major disaster.

My diet now is a long, slow, methodical, consistent and consistent practice of an evolutionary diet that I have created. The main ingredients are meats, seafood, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. This diet has become one of the most fulfilling foods I have eaten. Even without knowing the exact science behind how this system works, it worked for a number of people who started following it. I hope you have found this guide helpful for your own health and that it has helped you to better understand what makes one Paleo or Vegan diet different from another. I encourage you to explore other choices that make sense for your lifestyle and situation if you are considering a change, so you can make an informed decision when it’s time to leave the comfort zone of your current diet and start making changes. Let me know what I can do to help!

A big thank you to my friends for their advice and guidance.  I am so glad they offered their own thoughts on this. Please share your own stories. Your comments are much appreciated.

Thank you for reading!

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