How To Stay Healthy Throughout Your Life

Many habits, no matter how easy they seem to make, take a great deal of time, effort, thought, time, and money to achieve and may not be something you ever truly become a master of. Some, such as healthy eating, seem like a matter of simple willpower, while others require a commitment to a lifestyle. Either way, this book shares a way that I am practicing these skills these days, with just the right amount of time and dedication.

I have been practicing mindful eating. Most people have no idea what that means. That’s okay! In this book, writer, blogger, and speaker Dr. John A. List will make it easy for you to understand exactly how mindful eating is not only good for your overall health, but good for achieving long-term wellness as well.

There is a great deal of misinformation out there concerning mindful eating. You may fear that being mindful will cost you time and energy. You may wonder what the benefit of mindful eating is. How will it lead to any positive lifestyle changes?

You also may wonder some of the misconceptions that are out there. For instance, the idea that we aren’t allowed to eat or drink anything if we are stressed, fatigued, or have any illnesses. This is absolutely, completely, 100% incorrect. It isn’t healthy to avoid all forms of stimulation to try to stay healthy. It will not benefit your health and it won’t make you healthier. What you will actually be doing is hurting your health in the short term and making it tougher to maintain that healthy lifestyle over the long term.

Another huge misconception is that mindful eating is an extreme, newfangled fad. It’s not. Mindful eating was first introduced in 1975 by Dr. Russell Foster in the book The Four Hour Body . This is an amazing book for anyone who is serious about staying well and wants to get a better understanding of the many benefits that being mindful can have on their health. 

In this book, Dr. List is one of the leading thinkers, writers and experts on the topic of healthy and mindful eating. While he has a doctorate in nutritional biochemistry, this is a book with a broad perspective that you will find useful for anyone who is trying to eat well in the long term.

The book follows Dr. List’s journey around the world from his current residence in San Francisco, CA, to India, Nepal, Malaysia, and Brazil to teach people about the many benefits of mindful eating and what people need to do to live a better, more pleasurable life.

How it works

One of the first things you will learn is the difference between eating in a mindful way that will not compromise your health, and eating in a certain way that creates problems and compromises your health. Dr. List does not take that approach. He has taught his patients to follow a certain system that he refers to as “Mindful Eating,” and his clients have enjoyed many positive effects as a result of doing this.

Dr. List gives a variety of recommendations on how to incorporate mindful eating into your life. These include:

1. Eating in a way that is easy to do, and allows you to get up and go to the bathroom at any time.

2. Eating in a way that will not affect your sleep.

3. Eating in a way that allows you to eat more protein and minimize the need for supplements and sugars, even though they might seem “unhealthy” at first.

4. Eating in a way that is easy on your digestive system.

5. Making sure to eat in smaller portions and reducing the amount of food you choose to eat in small meals so that you have less room for cravings.

Dr. List’s recommendations are based on a system that he calls “Mindful Eating,” or mindful eating for short. The goal is not to eat slowly and deliberately, but to eat only what you need, when you need it, and how you need it.