How To Stay In Balance

We become more in our heads every second. It’s just what we do. And when you are so immersed, it’s like being wrapped in a blanket of numbness that you can’t leave. The best thing we could do to maintain our balance would be to simply walk away from it all. As we all know, when you are in your head you are completely unaware of what’s actually at stake in the world. Just because you are in your head does not mean you are right. Being aware of the rest of the world is a life-saver.

How to balance your mind and body is a process we call Zen, which means a certain type of balance. Most of us do not practice Zen, but a lot of people do it by observing nature and keeping their minds clear and undistracted, and by practicing mindfulness with every other part of their lives. It’s a good balance to maintain to have good health, good relationships and to be able to be creative in other creative ways. Sometimes it’s a mind-body balance we have to bring about with good eating and nutrition and exercise and meditation.

In short: There are ways to balance your mind and body without using drugs. There are ways to create your own Zen, and it doesn’t have to take you to prison. When you put yourself in danger, you must balance yourself.

The most important thing is not to be in the middle of anything. That is why we say it’s most important not to start a war, or to throw another country into ruin. You should be in the center where you are not running the risks of not being aware of your own life and not looking at what’s actually happening.

If you are in your body and you are distracted by things that are just not serious, it’s actually important to sit, not go where you are not supposed to go. If someone says you are off your head, you need to be in that state in order to find out what exactly is off your head.

You’ve always noticed this when someone is really on your head and you say: “Hey, why don’t you get out of here?” But the minute they step outside the gate, what you realize is that you are still on your head. You need to be somewhere in between.

You have to find a balance if you want to be happy. This is a good time to say to your friends and loved ones: if they are doing something, they must know it’s not for you. Do you think this is so simple? Why not be more conscious? Why do you need a drug to balance your mind that way?

You’ve heard of Zen. It’s no joke. It’s not just Zen people; it’s Zen practitioners, monks and nuns. In America, Zen was popular in the mid-1800s, but it has been very dominant in other parts of the world. The first Zen retreat centers were founded in China and in Japan before America got into it. The idea of getting in touch with your inner self. It’s not easy to find a Zen teacher, but Zen students are a great group of people to teach to.

Most people have a certain idea about how the mind works. They expect that you have to be an atheist, do nothing, don’t do anything in your life and all your thoughts come into your head. But you see that isn’t actually the case. It is possible to make a mind, and it’s possible to find that you can create your own thoughts. Zen master Nichiren Daishonin writes: “One day when he is meditating, the monk’s thoughts will come to him in no special order, but there may be some sort of order to them, as though they were arranged in some special order from beginning to end—as though they were the products of his own thoughts. This can happen only when his mind is completely devoid of all thoughts, which come from his mind.”

That sounds like you want more freedom to be yourself—to find your own thoughts and to have them come into your own mind. That’s what you might have heard about in school, or maybe from your parents or from the people who taught you in school. We all like to believe this, but it’s actually a very false story.