How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

We have a tendency to want to just “snap” and get rid of some part of ourselves that is not working. It’s not that those parts are “bad” or “lazy”, it’s that we are over-identifying with them and thus are giving them a negative interpretation.

The one thing I wish I understood before I started weight training was my own psychology. I felt this huge drive to work out and to lose weight but I have no real idea why. The feeling was in no small part due to wanting to help others to see how much I really cared about losing weight and becoming stronger. Now that I can see this, I can feel much less pressure to go through this exercise, which is great for my motivation, as I have little desire to lose the weight or be much more motivated than I am now to lose weight. However, if I could go back in time I would advise people to listen to themselves…I now believe that for many, this is a very effective way to lose weight while retaining the strength needed to excel in whatever they do…I wish I could find another way to lose the weight…

What’s a good place to start learning how to work out?

There are a lot of videos about weight training out there today, but I strongly advocate reading articles before looking at the videos, so that you can really get a clear picture of how a training routine works and what makes it an effective one, then looking at the details and how to implement it into your daily training…I’d say start with the beginner’s programs and work your way up to advanced programs.

What’s the best place to start a training routine and why?

There are three things that I know of that will really help you to stay motivated to go to the gym everyday:

1) Be consistent. The way you work out each day has a huge effect on your motivation to get stronger and keep doing it. You must do consistent, hard, quality workout every day. You must do the same workouts day after day, week after week, month after month and be consistent in the weight training. If you don’t, you will burn out and quit. 2) It must be fun! When I first started using the weight training routine I found it too hard and boring. I’m sure it would be fun to take a break for awhile and do other stuff. 3) Find a partner or a gym buddies who motivate you as well! When you are working out with a fellow warrior of weight training you’re going through a similar process as yourself, and you will feel like a warrior all over again. It’s a feeling like nobody else cares about you, and because of that your body will be motivated…it will want to stay strong too. I would be lying if I said that this is an ideal situation in every person’s life, and in the beginning, it might not be the best for most people. But when you get started, if you are a good friend and you inspire that much motivation in your buddy…it will get easier and stronger. For example, imagine that every single day you get up and go to the gym to train. Once you have that goal in sight, and you know you can reach it…keep working at it. It will happen. It has happened for millions of people. It might not happen for you (or maybe it will…look for the right people to motivate you). However, just keep going, and just like the warrior in the story said, once you’ve started, you’ll get through it.

What should you think about when you are deciding your own training routine?

First of all, be consistent! Second, find a friend or a gym partner who motivates you! Third, go to the gym a lot. (In any case, be consistent and keep going!) Finally, find a way to add in some fun and excitement to your workout routine. Make sure that you get the best out of what you’re training for!

Is it dangerous to do weight training?

No. I’m a strong believer of the mantra “the body is a machine”. This is one of the most important concepts of effective weight training, and so when my body started to change, I knew that it was due to the constant pressure it was under and the weight loss that followed.