How To Stay Safe While Traveling

The first step toward staying safe while traveling is not always to travel in first class. It is never wise to trust your intuition. If you have a concern about someone or something while traveling, please consult a local professional or contact your airline first. Always check the list of local contacts for the appropriate number.

I’m a native New Yorker and I have three little girls—twins. I feel like an outsider when it comes to my girls. They always ask me why my name is so close to ‘Trump’. And every time they ask, I reply with a joke or ‘because it’s close to the Great Tower’. But when they start to think about it, I realize it is very strange for them to believe a man who makes fun of Mexicans on national TV should be president—especially a man as unpopular as Donald Trump.

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that he used to work for a famous billionaire and one day the CEO asked him something so funny that it made my friend cry. He told the billionaire that he had never met a Trump before and that when he started to make a deal with him, all the other executives in the negotiation team were all laughing so viciously—like they were in a circus—that the CEO felt so humiliated that he started calling his friends and colleagues ‘stupid cocksuckers’ until he could cry no more.

If you are in a situation where you are forced to deal with someone who is not as likable or as smart as you’d like your friends or co-workers to be—or someone whose insults or demeaning behavior make you feel like trash, there are three basic things you can do to get out.  

1) Don’t give your personal information or tell them who you are.  

Do not call the employee’s bluff and tell them you’ll tell them who you are. It is best if your friend tells them that you will call and discuss your concerns.

2) Call in sick.

This is the most powerful move you have to make, even if this is against your will and your doctor says you shouldn’t.

Call in sick and tell them that you will not be present for your shift and that the office will be closing at 5pm. It is important to tell that you are sick, even if you don’t realize it, because it will be noticed by the boss and you do not want to risk losing your position.

This will go over really well.

3) Run.

Run away from the situation as fast and as far as you can.

Many people who have been in life-threatening situations will tell you that their first move was to run from something, because they have no choice. And I believe that it is this fear that makes us so strong.

It is important to realize that once you’ve left the situation, that fear will not return. And, if you decide to continue hiding from your abusive boss, it could very well be months or a year before your fears about him are completely assuaged. You never know.

But remember, running from situations like this is an opportunity for change. If you are strong enough to run from someone who makes you mad and does not seem like an option, then the chances are you are strong enough to stand up for yourself and hold your head high on your way out of the building.

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