How To Stop Being Bored? Change What You Read

Some of us look forward to reading daily because it’s the only time we get to feel like part of something; we can become attached to it. But what if that attachment is unhealthy, a sign of poor self-worth? Zahidi believes these kinds of things can be avoided because he says reading is like an “inspirer” because it helps you discover something new.

Reading is a universal language that enables us to experience our world. In a way it’s a way for us to connect with our ancestors and our future selves. And there may finally be a cure for our collective addiction to the Internet because some people are already experimenting with what it means to stop reading while others just continue to consume it and consume it.

How does reading as an addiction compare to other, perhaps more dangerous behaviors? Do you believe you have a smoking addiction, gambling addiction, or other addiction to the internet? If so, how and why did that become something you need? Do you believe that you have a gambling problem that is harming you and others? For instance, you’ve been caught cheating or betting too much on video games or just about anything else that you play. Are you addicted to a substance or other addictive behavior because you’ve gotten into it in the past?

“Reading as an addiction will get you nowhere. I’ve been addicted to books for over 50 years and I’ve stayed away from them for the last 20. It’s a natural human thing, to read. We do it for all kinds of things.” This is how Zahidi describes his relationship with books. But he says the books and TV shows and movies and other activities he consumed when he was just a kid are a different story. They are “a different animal.”

How does reading without online exposure compare to reading alone and with the help of others? According to Zahidi, the answer is that you will be better off not doing anything other than just watching TV, reading a book, or working to the best of your abilities without the internet. “I believe that you will be more motivated, more determined, and more productive even without a partner or with the support of others than if you used the internet or a computer to do what you need to do with everything you have. Reading alone, just reading is the beginning of your adventure, when you have no choice. You’re going from zero to ten and you won’t want to give up at every turn. You have no obligation to anything.”

Zahidi encourages people to start reading a book a day. He has found it works best if it’s a literary romance or historical novel. Zahidi also believes that reading in bed is a good way to get through a long day. Reading is often the perfect distraction for the mind and body and has so many benefits it is not surprising it is often recommended as a part of a “healthy, balanced, well-rounded lifestyle.”  

If you’re ready to read more, but not enough to escape this addiction, there are plenty of online resources for you including books that will help you put back on your reading boots. Read and learn from the experts on the internet at