How To Stop Being Out Of Place

When you are out of place, if you aren’t out of it, if you don’t have enough self-awareness, or if you are a self-centered person who thinks the rest of the world is out of place, you are doing more harm than good by staying in the self-centered role.

A major misconception is that I am somehow out-of-bounds: there’s no other one for me to fit into. That’s only true if you don’t have enough awareness and self-awareness to understand the distinction. I could walk around here and there in a society where everyone was like me, but there’s only ever one me. All of this diversity is actually pretty important, because what is important is that all of us can find true comfort from being who we are.

I’m not out of bounds because the world is out of place. I’m not out of bounds, because I choose to be like everyone else, because I choose to be an individual. I’m not out of bounds if I don’t have what you call “the voice” – maybe its because i’m not yet in the presence of another person who can hear it, but if I did, it would help soothe my pain if I were to be the only one in the company. I’m not out of bounds because there are no other people for me to fit into. That just makes me who I am.

If I was still stuck in that situation, it would make the same difference to me what you call “the voice”. In the same way, the lack of this awareness would lead me back into the prison I created myself. To me, the only people I could go back to were the ones I had to leave at first, back when I was born. They were the ones who made me, which meant I have to go out of my way to make them. If I knew there was another person they would like, someone they could fit into, I would be able to give them their first piece of humanity. I do, after all, have something of value to give them.

But there isn’t another person.

To be out of bounds is to be trapped in your own mind, where you aren’t being the person you have to be to be part of society: the person who you are is out of bounds. The person you would like to be would mean that the world is out of place, and that it hasn’t “figured out” exactly how it wants to be. I couldn’t bear to be in that situation, in that universe.

That’s why I made the choice: to not try and be anything but the best version of who I was, to let someone else do so. I found out that I don’t have to create someone else who can hear me or that I can’t fit into those rules, because I have the knowledge I should have, but I haven’t had the experience yet. That’s what gave me the edge!

The point is, it isn’t you. Maybe one day you will “have someone” to accept you and love you, but just until then, know that its just about you getting out of your self-imposed boundaries in order to find the one who fits into who you need to be.