How To Stop Caffeinating Like A Boss

If you wake in the morning determined to stay on track toward coffee-, and the need for it overwhelms you… you are a huge loser.  (And by the way, that’s how much money we spend on coffee a year.)  Coffee needs to be part of the regular rotation if you want any chance of keeping up with a normal, healthy lifestyle.  Don’t be a masochist who refuses to admit that it’s normal and healthy to use coffee when your body is craving it.

My morning routine is an almost daily ritual of 2 cups of coffee and a “sugar shake” (a mix of honey, erythritol, and a few other things I can’t go into).  I feel amazing throughout the day, but my morning energy levels (and overall feelings) are the worst when I’m working, so I’ve been trying to control it through a series of simple steps. The first step is to get the caffeine out of my system.  This typically involves adding 1/2 cup of cold tea to a small container of hot water.  This will start out with a mild boost, and then gradually begin to take effect over the course of 10 minutes or so.

The second step is to eat breakfast, and that’s where I hit it head on when I get stuck on what to eat.  No matter what I see on the Internet, I simply cannot stand eggs.  It’s an unmitigated disaster.  They’ll give you a reason why (I’ve been to a lecture where the professor explained the benefits of eggs to the class who didn’t agree: “They’re rich in a type of protein—vitamins and minerals—that helps to promote strong immune system and reduces cholesterol levels”), but I can’t understand any reason not to eat them. 

You’re so right, it’s time to eat some toast.  I’m going to stop here for a moment to explain the importance of breakfast in a healthy diet.  As the name suggests, the importance is in the eating of the whole grain and fruits and vegetables.   The good news is that by the time you’re finished with your coffee, it’s nearly time for breakfast.  It makes more sense to be eating a couple whole, natural healthy breakfast meals than to be drinking “good” or “bad” coffee.  

I used to hate eggs, but I stopped loving them (mostly) when I started eating breakfast.

I don’t usually drink coffee in the morning, but maybe you do?  You’re in an interesting spot and you could try drinking a little coffee before bed at first (if that option’s convenient).  I’ve had no issues with that.  I haven’t been able to find many articles discussing the best time to drink coffee before bed, and there are a few articles that say to drink coffee immediately (especially when you’re sleeping).  I don’t really know.  I’m not going to change my own circadian rhythm either way.  Sleep is important. I will say this:  I’ve been able to adjust my own bedtime in a way that I don’t want to (and I’m getting older, so this is a bigger issue now).  And that’s great.  If you are finding yourself in a less than ideal place in terms of sleep timing while trying to change your habits, you should try it.  The good news is that you can make that adjustment, and it’s more important than ever to get your sleep if you want to be happy and healthy.

Another thing to try is having a meal about 20 minutes after you’ve been out of bed, and/or have a breakfast-like beverage (like iced coffee) a few hours before bed.  Just get something that won’t cause you to wake up feeling tired, and that will make you feel better.  If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you will feel a lot worse.

You know you need to start doing this if you want to live a good life.  You also know you don’t have to do it if you have a normal set of routine.  But how you do it—and the specific steps—depends upon the type of people you are and how much coffee you drink.