How To Stop Carpets Smear Awnings With Household Spray

Carpenters aren’t the only ones who can create a messy awning. Cleaning awnings is sometimes a messy job. I mean, you aren’t going to run into your favorite actor standing in your front yard spraying down the grass.

One of the dirtiest jobs in the home is unclogging a sink or worse, the toilet. But sadly, it’s a task we all must do from time to time. If you’re having a little difficulty getting proper pressure with your plunger, Horizon Services found a really neat trick to get good suction from a plunger.

Start by unplugging the plug in the bathroom sink. To do so, simply twist it counterclockwise.

Holding the plug with a pair of pliers, you will find it will have a little bit of a grip to it, thus creating even more pressure on the lever of your toilet.

Tying it firmly to the sink will help create even more suction.

You can now clean a sink from bathroom to table in no time at all.

And what about cleaning your carpet? 

How To Clean Carpet Without Clots

Carpet can be super messy! It depends on what type and how often you use carpet. But if you use it every week or whenever it’s clean enough, you just have to remember a few tips to keep your carpet clean.

This photo I’v’e come across while searching “carpet cleaning recipes online.”   This image depicts a good carpet cleaning recipe for a single tile.

Cut a straight strip a foot or so wide, then split it into two pieces of about ¾-inch or 4mm width. Now trim the two pieces to about ¼ the width you’ve cut from the last piece.

Now you’ll need a carpet cleaner. You can make one of your own if you’ve got some leftover spray paint. I’m using a can of compressed air as it works better.

Mix a small amount of a carpet cleaner with compressed air in a glass container that has a large opening

Fill glass container with compressed air.

Place container in your car.

Wait five minutes.

Shake container to mix the cleaner with air.

Wash your carpet

Put carpet cleaner mixture in sink. Let it stand for five minutes. Then rinse with fresh water.

Don’t forget to use a vacuum cleaner! This isn’t a simple process.

But, I guess that is not all. A lot of people like to use a vacuum cleaner as well for cleaning the carpet.

This is a homemade carpet cleaning video, posted by the website of the company that supplied me with their cleaners so I can share tips here for getting the most out of our carpet cleaners.

This vacuum cleaner is my go-to for a quick and effective carpet clean-up.

For a lot less than a gallon of cleaner you can also use a mop.

What About Your Yard?

Carpet can be one of those cleaning chemicals you use only occasionally. And if you find that there are some spots that you can’t get to with one of the options above, then you may need to check out one of our DIY alternatives and DIY cleaning apps.