How To Stop Eating All Of Those Fast Food Sticks

The first thing I have to tell you about fast food is that the food is almost as bad as its taste. If you choose to eat fast food then you just can’t escape its guilt.

It’s tempting to think that you can stop eating fast food and it will all be right. The problem is you’ll just be avoiding these food items from your diet and not eating them, which is the whole point. The real solution to fast food addiction is mindfulness and compassion. The second step is to find ways to get your food in without guilt. By practicing mindfulness you can change fast food into a pleasurable and enjoyable food, because all the junk it contains can serve as fuel for your awareness, awareness, awareness. When you start to crave the junk, notice how it has a place on your plate. Notice the texture, feel the flavor, smell the breath. These three senses have power. You can be in the room with a bowl of noodles and tell yourself, “Wow, I feel like I could eat noodles all day.” You want to know it’s because you can, and in that moment you know it’s okay to. Don’t wait until you’re ready to do it. The third step is that if you do crave the junk, find something else (like a smoothie or a salad) that fits your dietary needs and tastes good. In the end it’s all about not looking at yourself in the window of time and making that small, daily choice. It might sound easy, but it’s something you can have done the first time you did something.

Once you’ve done it several times then you’ll want to know how your body feels after. That’s why you need compassion, just as you need food, so you can learn to tolerate food and not feel the guilt. And that’s what eating and all of your behaviors can become.

Here are some things that can be done:

Have a healthy snack (sugar free, fat free, etc…) at every meal Make a mental note to buy organic ingredients when you can

Stop doing that  stuff

Have a smoothie. Make it as satisfying as possible. Use whole fruit.

Add salad and vegetables in instead of bread.

Make a fruit plate at least once a week.

The next time you find yourself craving a certain junk food thing, notice the sensations. Notice how you’re feeling when you eat them, because it should be a pleasurable experience to you. Notice that you’ve got your senses working and are having a positive reaction to them. When you have an experience like that and it happens every day for awhile then you’ve really had something to work with.

You’ve just gone through a major shift in your food consumption and lifestyle. This could be something you take up, or you have options of how you can make a small change to your lifestyle. But the question remains: what will it feel like? For people who have had a food addiction, there is sometimes a shift in mood and feelings when they first start to eat well again. They will be less upset, less sad, and more in control of themselves. And they will start getting satisfaction from their food choices again. These are the feelings you’re going to feel after that first week of eating a better way. Once you’re eating healthier, you’re going to feel better all time. But for the majority of people, when you begin to eat well, the reward is just getting back to a good food balance. And it’s something that they’ve had to work for every day of their lives. And you have an opportunity to make a big change in the first part of the experiment.

The idea is to get a feeling of enjoyment in this new food. So, notice how delicious it is. That will help you to get in line with your appetite and that is really the first step. Also, find out what you’re trying to get out of your food. You might discover you just love the taste and texture of it and that makes it hard to give in. If so, then this is a chance to make a change to your food habits—without giving in to the junk food you crave every day. Remember I said it was okay to eat it a little, but not too much? How much food do you typically eat, and how does it fit into your lifestyle? If you’ve been putting in the food for the sake of eating it, it can be hard to let it go. Now try to remember that eating it will make you feel full longer, so you can start to eat the next part, more food in line with your lifestyle.

Once you’re at a point where you are eating that much better, make a decision to get rid of the fast food.