How To Stop Feeling ‘off’ All The Time

When we think the unthinkable, we need to stop thinking it. This includes thinking that we ‘should’ be feeling ‘off’ that day. Instead, we should be taking this opportunity to find a different way, and the next day, we should be feeling less off. The key word in that last word is: find.

If there is one thing I have learned about life, it is to never try to be someone you are not. So no, I never have felt ‘off’. For the last 6 years, my feeling ‘off’ has been a feeling that I am not enough , that I am not living up to potential. So in that one moment, I stopped trying to keep up with the rest of the world. In an instant, I became much happier and more content with who I am. You don’t have to keep on doing this to discover just how happy you are. You can literally take this one moment to decide what you will be. To decide what you will think and feel – that is how you change your life. Then the day will come – when you will be able to stop living what your mind/life tells you you should be living. For one, you will no longer be distracted by everything but what you need to do in order to live better.

You don’t have to change everything. You can take that one moment and decide what you want. For you to be happy, the answer has to be right in front of you. For you to be living the life you want, you need to take a step back and see what you need to do to live that life. After you discover what you are lacking, that is the moment to stop trying.

What you choose to do will set the tone for your entire life

This is a pretty simple, yet important fact that most people don’t know. In order to change, people do change. Change what they do. For most of us, this means taking a walk and looking at the views. A quick shower and change of clothes happens because most of us get so distracted by everything that we don’t realize there is a bigger story unfolding around us – a story that we can be a part of. For me, it started with me finding a new way to feel alive.

You can choose to follow the rules of life or you can take that one step to discover what you need to take action on. The truth is: you can change your life the way you want to. It takes the courage to do so, and it often takes a lot of self-discipline along the way. For you to live your life to the fullest, you have to embrace the decisions that you make, and the changes you make.

Be positive, stop procrastination (part 2 of 3)

When you are starting a new venture, one of the most important things a start-up company can do is to have a goal. For me, this goal meant creating an online platform that allows me to take part in conversations about issues that I want to address when and if I ever have kids. This way, I would be able to help people better understand the issues they are dealing with. From here on out, I could continue with my blog (and also to write an illustrated book for the same topic), and still be able to blog about the issue I chose. While I know this has seemed like a huge and crazy idea, I believe it is the only way I would be able to make this a reality. The more content I had to build, the more time I would have to blog, the more I would build momentum, and the more clients I would have. You have to be determined to set yourself up for success. If it is something you are passionate about, then you will never stop working on it. I think you can never work on something that you don’t care about.

I always love that a challenge gives me motivation to see how far I could take this. And by being motivated and pushing on though a challenge, I know I get my work done. So this week was a great challenge for me. I can say that I still plan on writing about the topic and taking it any further. I love to help people find the answers to their problems, I love talking about these things, and I love talking them down to a concrete answer, so today, I was inspired by the challenge of taking the next step that I wanted to take.