How To Stop Feeling So Alone In This World

A little bit of support can be life-saver. But as I’m about to say: It’s an investment in yourself.

I love being on my own. But as I mentioned, I want to change the way I feel. My therapist has given me some tools and exercises to practice, and she has encouraged me to take action to help myself. It’s like I said, it’s an investment in yourself. That means if there’s an opportunity to stop by the grocery store, go grocery shopping, or hang out with friends, then do it. You can spend an hour at the gym, or a couple hours on Facebook, but it’s a necessary part of moving forward. I don’t do it because I have an abundance of free time–I do it because I want to feel and act just like you. And, by the way, I think my friends would say the same thing about me.

I am not your friend– I am you.

This is your life, not mine. We get to experience it together, and I only hope it’s worthwhile. There are things I want to change in my life, and things I want to be happy about. If I could take that last step of letting you take a turn and make something happen.

Be proud of what you’ve made. You know you can, and it’s better to be on your own than to have no one there to support you.

I can’t change the world one person’s opinion, but I can change my own opinion by using this one, small voice.

For those with depression, there aren’t any ‘rules,’ and there’s no need to ‘rule out’ anything. It’s an ongoing process. I’ve found that the more you talk to someone, the better you get at it. It’s like learning to dance by watching a professional dancer.

Sometimes we just have to stop and take care of one another–that’s just something I’ve realized. And, I think I’ve come to the only reasonable conclusion: no one deserves to be alone, but the people who go through this must take responsibility for their circumstances. They may not think it’s fair they have to live with these types of feelings, but life is unfair, and it’s okay to let it be unfair to you. But I have to believe it’s their problem to fix, and not mine. I always ask: what can I do?

“I think, when you’re at your worst, the only real relief is to accept what’s happening in yourself, embrace it, and let go of self-pity. We all need a bit of self-acceptance to get through the day. Then we’re free to do what we really love.”

–  Aimee Levinson, author of the self-help books  “There is no one to blame, or judge. There is only yourself. And this is what can fix you.”

–  Anonymous, self-help author 

“Sometimes you just have to give the other person room to walk away.”

–  Anonymous, self-help author

For those struggling with depression, there are not rules. There is no right or wrong, and there is no one to blame. There is only yourself–that’s all there is. This does not mean we have to do it alone– we simply need to decide to try. I’ve learned that every one of our actions, every thought, every feeling is the result of a series of impulses that came before it–just like what all of us experience that leads us to eat, drink, smoke, etc.

Don’t let them be your problem. You will overcome them through self-acceptance, awareness, and an acceptance of our role in all of this.