How To Stop Getting Fat: 6 Tips For Doing It, Naturally

If fat is a choice, then no one seems to mind being obese. Our society’s acceptance of excess weight leads to the idea that we must choose to be fat, so the fat acceptance movement attempts to remove that choice.

Most obese people don’t lose weight willingly. That is usually the result of a combination of psychological and physical manipulation. The most common examples include diet programs and medical treatments that are designed to make fat people gain weight, and the promotion of a “no excuses diet” approach to dieting that is based on the notion that if you fail to lose weight, you should not feel bad. In other words, “if you don’t want to be fat, then just get on your knees and beg for it.” I call these kinds of diets “shaming.” There are two specific types of shaming I talk about: shame of fat and shame of those trying to shed or maintain extra weight. The fat shaming of those trying to lose pounds is called “dieting,” and it is commonly used to prevent overweight and obese individuals from making the necessary lifestyle changes that will enable them to lose the weight they want.

How to Stop Getting Fat

1. Stop Using Dieting as a Means of Weight Loss

There is nothing about getting your body under control that is more empowering and empowering than doing it the RIGHT way. Those who attempt to achieve control over their bodies with dieting end up being less and less confident. The feeling of guilt and self-hate that dieters experience when they eat in a controlled way is overwhelming and unhealthy, not to mention the emotional trauma that comes with trying to lose weight without proper care. The only way to achieve and maintain control over your life is through the body you are in right now.

The best lifestyle decisions are made when the focus is to live a long and meaningful life. The process isn’t an end goal, it’s a means to an end. You need to understand this and work toward it instead of trying to force yourself to do things that you aren’t capable of (like dieting).

2. Stop Living in the Present

Instead of working towards a goal, we need to choose the right thing to work towards. If you focus on the future, it is possible that you will lose focus on what you need right now. Instead, think of your day to day life like you’re living in a movie. When you are on the right scene, you are in it 100 percent of the time, so that gives you the perspective that you can change your mindset and become the person you want to become. That means focusing on what you can control.

3. Stop Caring About what Others Think of You

When we are fat we are constantly fighting the negative perception others have of us. Those are the people who tell a story about us that involves how we feel about ourselves and try to change what we think. When they talk about us they use phrases like “I bet she’s disgusting,” or “she has so much cellulite.” Those are the kinds of people who make it hard to keep up with their lives. That is why you need to choose to be self-sufficient. You can keep a positive attitude and focus on your own success, without having to deal with people telling how fat you are.

There are so many positive and empowering things that are happening outside of the obese people’s lives.

4. Stop Using a Diet as a Form of Physical Pain Management

I see a lot of guys who have tried to lose weight through diet programs, exercise, or even just regular eating. They are frustrated and exhausted, and are often looking for the easy fix. They are told over and over again that their body is telling them to stop eating.

I always try to teach people to look for the “happy medium” when it comes to getting fit. The “happy medium” is something that makes you healthy, active, and proud of who you are. The problem is “health” and “proud” go hand in hand, and dieting does just like any other form of weight loss what it does; it takes from people who are healthy to provide for the fattening of people who are not healthy.