How To Stop Procrastinating And Focus On Our Happiness

We can make it happen. Here’s your chance to do great things for yourself and others, for example stop living life as a victim to a procrastination urge. Focus on taking action and start taking your life back and taking control of that life.

It’s very easy for us to feel that life just comes to us, and then we fall asleep, without any action. You can’t say no to life, you are not the boss of life. It is totally within your control to make time for yourself, and to do what makes you happy. And just as we have learned to stop working until we’re tired and stop drinking until we’re sick, we may decide to stop procrastinating until we are happy.

In my personal experience, I don’t take time to relax until I am feeling relaxed, then I drink my wine. I don’t start a work project until something interesting happens to me. It can be easier to procrastinate when you’re tired than when you are tired when you aren’t even thinking about work. A study by the psychologist Paul Ekman showed that people make more mistakes immediately after sleeping than they do when awake, so we tend to focus a little more on sleeping than on what’s going on in our world at the moment.

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This is what my wife called a short-term memory. If you don’t want to waste your time on things that are not important for your life, don’t procrastinate too much. Find one focus thing, something that you really want to achieve soon to become a better, more confident person in your life and life in general. If it’s not important for you, then choose something else to focus on.

The best way to take your attention away from your thoughts is to write them down on a piece of paper or on your phone. This is usually a big distraction, you will want to get back to doing what you should be doing, but that means you will need to distract yourself first. One way to avoid it is to use a task manager. Another is to listen to your favorite music. Just doing this small task makes your mind become focused. Just remember that you know how long you need to do anything, your willpower is not infinite and you don’t have to stay focused forever.

One thing I learned through my own experience with procrastination is that you have to stop and re-assess what you’re doing on a regular basis. Your work is different for everybody because you want to do it, you need the skill, the drive to do it. You know how to do the tasks, but for some of you they just aren’t as important as they should be, or for others they’re the only thing that makes you happy.

I am a big believer in doing whatever makes you happy, and this means that sometimes you’re going to have to work on something that is not fun, but can be enjoyable at the very least for you. Try to find the joy within the work itself that keeps you going. If it sucks, then you get up, and go back to your happy place. If it’s not fun to you, then you continue to work on it, but keep your positive attitude. It’s okay to procrastinate. You don’t need to wait for everything.

What do you think? Is work and procrastination one in the same? Where do you find the joy in your work? Do you procrastinate to avoid work? Share your thoughts above!

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Posted on: September 14th, 2012.

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