How To Stop Procrastinating And Start Doing (almost) Anything

Don’t take this article as advice to sit there doing nothing forever. However, what we do is start doing (almost) anything. We begin slowly, taking baby steps, building up momentum until it’s time to act.

The reason people procrastinate seems to be rooted in the fact that they either have a lack of self confidence or they don’t care enough to make the first step towards solving a problem or pursuing a goal.

It will be so much easier if you stop procrastinating right away… Then, the first few steps are really easy. Then, you start to look at challenges that are actually worth it, because if you start to look at them with a new perspective, they’re more appealing from an entrepreneurial perspective.

There’s always those who have the guts to pursue a task, but they don’t know where to start looking and what to look for. This article will help people build their entrepreneurial identity, and their entrepreneurial mindset.

The first question that I ask people is, “Where do you want this to go?” I want them to see things from their own perspective. I want people who already have some entrepreneurial experience to help identify opportunities.

I ask them if they think that they could start their business or project, and I usually give them two very simple and clear answers. Either:

“Yes: I can do that!” and “No: I don’t think I can do that.”

“I can.” “No I can’t.”

These are both very valid answers and are usually what entrepreneurs say. In fact, they often say “No” right away. When they first take that leap into entrepreneurship, they don’t really want to stop being entrepreneurs just yet.

My job is to push them on the next question (which is always the hardest question), because otherwise, they won’t take the first steps. It’s really important to keep pushing them towards a project no matter which answer they choose.

If they answer with “No” to this question, what next? I suggest that you don’t get so frustrated by it.

You will be frustrated. You are in a very different mindset right now when you answer with “No” to this question compared to when you answer with “Yes.”

What if at that point, you are really excited about taking the idea and pursuing it further? I think it can be a very fun, exciting and rewarding experience to take this leap of faith, but if you don’t like it or are not confident, just go back to questioning “Is it viable?” You did find your niche, if you chose that niche. I highly suggest you look down on this option for a while. You may even want to quit your day job. You can still work from home. You’ll still be paid for whatever time you do work in your day job. If you truly enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll find it very rewarding.

I’m not saying never have a day job. If that is what you truly want to do and believe in, feel free to do it. If you are passionate about your work, working day jobs will just add more to your motivation and to your ability to focus on your work.

Don’t get me wrong. I do understand that a lot of entrepreneurs, just because of the way it looks, would like to go all in and quit working. When it comes down to it, this is the path that many entrepreneurs go down, even the ones who have had business ideas for years before they even started to make a game or design a book.

If they are feeling like they aren’t making progress, it’s usually because they’re not taking the initial steps correctly first. If they look at this question more as a business or an endeavor, this question can be much more helpful.