How To Stop Self-injury And Find Freedom

When there is an unhealing scar or an injury, it feels better to ignore the pain, deny that it happened, and do the next pose. That is not good or healthy for ourselves or the body. It’s easier to push through the pain that we never wanted in the first place. To stop healing ourselves, we must learn that we’re not our body, that we are all interconnected, and that what happens to one of us does not matter.

When we believe that what happens to us does not matter, it becomes even easier to continue with the repetitive behavior that is the most disordered part of our lives. If we let go, we see what’s happening in our lives as a beautiful miracle — something that happens to be our reality. Without our conditioning that pain is bad, we become free to live our lives without self-punishment, shame and fear.

The more we’re free, the clearer we can see what we do to ourselves with the hope that no one else sees it. We can begin to heal ourselves and change ourselves without needing to be fixed up or repaired.

The Power of Loving Ourselves

The most powerful aspect of meditation is that it gives us an outlet for our insecurities, fears, guilt, and anger. The self-injury I do is a way that I try to release all those things when they get in the way of living my life to see reality as it is.

When I can release my fears and insecurities, I can love myself more. I start to see that everyone, even myself, is always making mistakes. Our emotions are there to remind us that we are human. We are always trying to figure out what we should be doing. When people and animals are suffering from the same misuses of their minds, we should start listening to them. They are part of our family, and we should care enough to try to help them. They just need love.

And I love myself even more when I feel more whole. I don’t get upset over things. I understand that I am not perfect, and I am perfectly okay with that, because that is the nature of human beings (you’re human, too, right?). But I see that I have a lot to learn about myself and about life, and the self-injury I do is a way to practice learning.

It is okay to do something that hurts yourself when we’re doing it as a way to express our creativity and our feelings. If the feeling is in our head, if it is something that our brain wants to do, we should keep that voice to ourselves — we shouldn’t run with the feeling or believe that it can solve our problems or that it will solve the problem if we keep it to ourselves. We should tell ourselves that we’re fine with feeling the way we feel and that we’re not upset when we hurt ourselves.

It’s not selfish to accept the fact that pain is a part of our reality and to let it be there, a part of being human. Pain has a reason. It is in our world to make us who we are, and it is a natural part of the process of growth.

The only thing harmful in self-injury is the idea that we should feel something we don’t feel. Pain doesn’t make you stronger, it makes you human. But you’re okay without pain, even while you’re trying to heal. I always say to myself and others that pain makes you feel sad and that when you stop feeling sad, you should feel happy. It is our natural, healthy, safe place to be. It is where the human spirit is. We should try to feel the best version of ourselves we can. When we are strong enough to embrace our pain, we can still be whole beings — whole, happy, and aware.

I want to finish with this: If you’ve never in your life thought to do a self-injury on purpose, then go for it.