How To Stop Taking Drugs

I’m a huge advocate of organic products, especially of foods made from whole foods. This one was for an herbal tea that’s supposed to help with inflammation and muscle cramps caused by chronic illness or injury. But when I got a little bit of it, I realized it was so strongly laced in chemicals I thought I’d never be able to drink it again. So I made this tea instead, hoping the benefits are less pronounced.

For years, I had suffered from a severe muscle cramp in my back that I believed was the end result of chronic illness or injury that I was trying to heal itself by drinking a daily multi-strain tea. My health insurance would not cover it, so I went to herbalists who prescribed supplements containing herbs. Over time, I began to lose my sense of balance. I would become short tempered with people who would try to help me. I began to become more argumentative, angry, and resentful. I felt depressed. I started getting paranoid. Sometimes, I would go for days without eating anything. I had severe migraines when I couldn’t sleep. I felt like the world was ending. And in that moment, I stopped taking anything. I stopped taking any herbal supplements. I just made this tea. It worked. So today, if it’s a headache, I take this tea before bed. It calms the brain. If it’s a stomach ache, I take this tea. It helps. My brain is better protected from toxins. And that’s why I’m not a drug addict anymore.

I use to work in a hospital. I was an ER nurse for six years. I was always a quick study. And there’s one thing I hated more than anything else: When people came into a ER with injuries that weren’t as bad as I thought, I was not quick on the uptake. I would always start treating the person with the most severe injury or illness first. I would take the most advanced treatment first. I would then work backwards to give the person the least advanced treatment. I didn’t believe in “going slow and steady.” I believe in going ALL OUT. And that’s exactly what they do. They go all out on any injury, disease, or illness. When they don’t get advanced treatment in an ER, they go to a doctor’s office. When they don’t get advanced treatment in an ER, they go to a hospital. When they don’t get advanced treatment in a hospital, they go to a drugstore. And then finally, when they’re in such bad shape that they really can’t walk, they go home. When their health condition, injury, or illness is so bad and complicated they can’t get out in a wheelchair or by themselves, they stay home.

I worked in a hospital for over 35 years. And I’ve seen a lot of different kinds of things go in. And I’ve seen a lot of strange things go out. Some of the stranger things I’ve witnessed while looking after sick people or recovering or in surgery in that ER room. When you hear the story of a sick patient on the operating table, many times, it will start out like many of my stories…

The patient was a woman. She got a lot of pain from her back and shoulders and a lot of it was severe. She could barely stand or lift herself upright. She was in pain so bad she couldn’t see. That’s when I first took her to the ER. We didn’t have the most advanced technology yet. I didn’t have anything in the ER that would give her pain relief and a high quality MRI. But I noticed she began to relax. I thought that was unusual. Then I started thinking about what else might be going on in that patient. She began to lose weight, her weight began to drop. She’s able to take more food in. She’s able to do more exercises. She’s able to get more sleep. I wondered if she was eating all the right things. So I took the ultrasound machine to her home to get her blood work and glucose levels taken.

The reason we didn’t have a PET scan for her was because we didn’t have a machine that could do it. She came home after that scan to a full stomach and to a body that felt good. I don’t know why we didn’t start testing for diabetes with those tests, or a heart problem before that scan. And then she stopped taking her pain medication, and we didn’t start testing for diabetes with those tests, or a cholesterol problem before that scan. We just ignored those things. Her blood work came back at that point. We knew at that point…