How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Things On The Floor

You want to find a way to keep your dog out of trouble, but your best course of action is to let your dog eat things on the floor, even things he doesn’t want? Maybe don’t take him to the pet store and buy him a doghouse, a scratching post or a crate. Just let him go home with a chew toy and maybe a bit of a chew with his favorite food.

You don’t want your dog to get into trouble, but he’ll keep going over and over the same old spots just because he wants to. You know you’ve tried all sorts of strategies to stop him from chewing, but the problem persists. What to do? Don’t buy expensive treats to buy your dog something to eat. Just let him go at it and see what happens.

Sometimes dogs get nervous and start chewing things like furniture, but it’s easy to calm him down when you do it slowly. You can buy a chew toy you’re comfortable with and use it as a stress ball that your dog will enjoy. Just give him a few moments each time and you should see results.

In my case, my dog got so worried he’d start biting furniture. I started doing the above and it worked. He had some minor dental damage but all in all it was a win-win for me and my dog. He was calm enough to do his work that day and didn’t bite anything. As a bonus, not even his teeth raked apart!

You Are Not An Island

We are not islands. Our planet is full of living things whose lives aren’t just a matter of living and dying. They grow, reproduce, suffer and enjoy themselves to the fullest extent possible while us humans do the same. There’s a good friend of mine named Ozzy who has suffered from severe arthritis and back pain since he was 5 years old. He still has them today, but his back is totally fine and he’s living a happy life today. Why did he get the arthritis and why couldn’t he stop the pain? It turns out this little man with the big ears got it for a reason: he’s an island. Ozzy has been at a pretty high dose of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. When he started to be at his worst he started to go wild with the pain and started chewing things. This was so much for someone like him. But we know this is an allergy and he was treated accordingly. The fact is that there’s a lot more going on in his body than he’s thinking about. His body has to fight off a massive attack when he’s in extreme pain. This type of thing happens to every single person at one time or another. You just need to learn how to recognize the warning signs and how to deal with a problem.

You’ll Just Learn To Love It

Most people have heard or read about dogs who have eaten human bones, but do you want to know what they do? They chew them, of course! Not just human bones, but bones from cows and pigs too. If you get a really nice piece of meat, be sure to eat some bones from it. That’ll clean up the problem a little, don’t you think? It’s hard not to have a positive outlook on life when you’re surrounded by these tasty treats.

The best thing you can do is to stop trying to fix the problem yourself. This will usually put the problem under control. You’ll also learn what triggers a reaction. If you let a dog have his way with a bone, it becomes hard to do anything about it. I’ve learned a lot about this and will share those lessons with you when you’re faced with a similar problem. You’ll be able to identify what’s going on in your dog. You’ll also notice it’s more effective to give your dog a treat rather than try to stop it. It’s usually just easier to ignore a problem instead of trying to fix it.