How To Take Charge Of Your Health

It’s about finding your place in health. It’s not about doing a great job of managing your finances or your life. It’s about finding balance in your life and finding your place in the world.

I recently saw a friend of mine get diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis made me realize that while it was important to know the diagnosis, I didn’t want to worry about him at all. I just wanted to talk to him, get to know him, and find his spirit. I couldn’t do that if the whole world knew. That’s when I realized that we can’t control who is diagnosed or what is going on, but we can control who is willing to accept the diagnosis. I believe we should be accepting of the diagnosis of each other. If people accept themselves in this moment that’s when the real healing starts. People are more in touch with their own spirits when people are open to their feelings and don’t push those feelings down, they know how to work through those feelings….

I also believe the best way to cope with this situation is to accept it, work through it, and then let go again. I like to think about a different analogy: It’s not good to be a rock in the ocean so you can’t swim. What we should be trying to do is to stay off the rocks to stay alive. The only problem is, we don’t realize that we might get swept up again. The key is to know when to let the waves of fear wash over you, and knowing when to get out of the water.

I would like to take the time today to talk about a concept called “The Courage to Be Your True Self.” It’s a concept that’s very valuable and an important part of my thinking and the message that I’m sharing today. I’m going to share with you an analogy. Suppose you’re walking down the street and you see an animal and you’ve got your phone in your hand and you type something on it. Imagine, if you will, that you’ve kind of invented the invention or invented the voice and you’re saying out loud what the animal is saying. Do you not change the situation by typing what you’re saying? You do. This is just like typing the word “cow” into your phone. You see the animal on the side of the road and you type a “cow” voice. If this animal walks over to you, you do not have to change to your real voice and be a cow. If you try to change then your problem is not with changing, it’s with fear of what people would think if you changed. You don’t have to be a cow. You change yourself. You don’t have to let the voice of the animal overrule your own voice. You can let the cow overrule when you’re really thinking about what it is that you’re actually thinking and are trying to write down. The voice of the animal, your ego voice, thinks what it thinks, but your true voice comes from inside you and knows something that’s more in line with who you are. You need to let the animal speak for you. You have to give your true voice a chance to speak for you.

To get to the other side of this situation of typing something into a cell phone, we need to realize we can’t control the animal. It’s going to talk just like it always has. It’s going to be as it always has, which is scary and makes us change. It takes time to get through the fear. Fear is the enemy of change. It takes time to let go but once you let go, it’s easy to make a new beginning. The courage to be your true self is a very good thing. The courage to be your true self is something that I’ve had my eye on for a long time. It’s something that I know I have to get to for a while. It’s something I’ve been working on for the last three years.

The courage to do what’s right for you is the courage to be yourself. Be who you really are. Be who you want to be and know that you already are who you really are.