How To Take Charge Of Your Life

If you’ve ever heard someone say, “you take charge of your life,” or “I’ve taken charge of my life,” you’ve already given them three separate times. Here we’re only going to talk about the first part and the second part. In order to take charge of your life, you must first realize that you absolutely are in charge. Everything in your life is in your hands. Take this as a starting point. It is your responsibility. That is a great message and the one I use all the time as a reminder with people I work with, my clients, and my spouse.

When my children and I first started being in charge of our lives, this was a huge shift for me personally. I remember getting frustrated when little things took much longer and feeling like I had to make things happen or it was all my fault. It has been an invaluable learning experience in managing things both in my personal life and in the bigger picture of life on behalf of others.

When you take responsibility, you’ll actually see that you’re more efficient. You’re more effective. You are more creative and you are more successful because you are able to focus and work toward your goals. You begin to get more done because you don’t have to worry about what you should be doing or what you won’t be doing and so you get started. You become more motivated because you know you will actually be working toward the results you want and you can do it!

I’ve heard people say this as an excuse for not doing stuff, not being involved in things or not sticking with things, but the truth is, the reason they give isn’t because of you not taking charge. The truth is that they just don’t want to be a slave or they are intimidated to be a slave to someone with no experience. The reason is fear of rejection and the fear of failure. When people can just be themselves or feel confident about what they want, that’s when they’ll achieve. When they are unsure or scared about what they want, or unsure of themselves, the only thing that makes them fail is fear.

The key is to not take fear as a reason that you shouldn’t want what you want. In fact, you should always be wanting what you want and you should never take a fear as an excuse for not achieving the type of life you want.

Take Control Of Your Life

If you’re reading this blog post, odds are you’re already taking charge in your life because of your success and love of God and you love Jesus because of His love for you. You get to decide how this gift you’ve been given works out for you. The best thing you can do is take control of your life in one of three ways:

You take control by changing your perspective. How do you go about changing your perspective? I’m going to give you a couple of ideas…

You can change the things that you don’t like. A little bit of research is never going to hurt. You can do everything in your power to eliminate the distractions in your life. You can make your cell phone silent. You can cut the television out. You can make the movies you’ve put off for years only a minute a week. The list of things to keep out of your life and out of your heart is very long. When you make changes, it’s easy to turn around and say, “Oh, look what I do now!” There’s nothing that is going to make you take action faster than changing your frame of reference because you don’t want some of the things that you used to do but don’t anymore. When it comes to change in your life, you’re always going to be a step behind your friends and family. I know some young people that are working on a big goal and can talk about going for this big goal or that big goal for weeks, months and years. For most young men and women that get married and have children, though, change can be quick.