How To Unclog Your Drain

One quick squeeze cleans and drains any dirty spots in seconds. It’s so quick that you could skip the drain cleaner altogether.

You can’t always see your drain pipe clog. Often, it’s hidden under dirt and grime. If you can’t find it, you could try the best-selling drain cleaner, but it’s not 100% effective with all types of dirt and grime. You could try a quick squeeze though. If you find that your drain doesn’t have any clog, you could check for blockages using a hand lens . Sometimes a simple squeeze will do the trick.

Tip 3 – Always Wash with a Wet and a Dry Soap

Soap with high surfactant action has been shown to prevent clogs more efficiently. This means your clog won’t accumulate and eventually get bigger .

This type of soap is known as a non-ionic or a low-solids soap . It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, so your body won’t be overwhelmed by lactic acid, which creates a sticky mess. Instead, it breaks down fats and sugars for your body to more efficiently use for energy, lubrication and detoxification. This type of soap has a thin, gentle scent. It is good for both men and women.  

You may be surprised to know that many soaps have a mild scent or smell. It’s usually a very faint, floral scent. You can learn the difference between these soaps and the others with more detail below.

Tip 4 – Don’t Sweat Dryer Lint – It’s Not A Clog!

Sweating is also a good way to remove dirt and grime. If you have dry, itchy skin, you use more skin oils than necessary for your body. These oils create oils in your environment that will be carried all over your home. This is a good example of how a tiny amount of dirt can cause a lot of problems. If you have dry, itchy skin, you use more skin oils than necessary for your body. These oils create oils in your environment that will be carried all over your home . With less active, sweatier skin, these same oils can remain on your clothes or carpet, not getting absorbed into the soil. This leads to more buildup and clogs in your drains and sewer lines.

Sweat is important for skin. Sweating activates the oils in your skin for good skin care. You don’t have to sweat as much to remove dirt and grime from your drains. If you sweat so much that your pores are literally clogged with dried dirt and grime, try adding a few drops of baking soda and water and scrub as you sweat. This works better than using a detergent or a soft cloth like a washcloth, since it creates less lint, which clogs drains and sucks moisture up from underneath the surface dirt.

Tip 5 – Clean the Drain and Not the Yard

A drain clog is usually an indoor issue. A yard clog may be difficult to spot in the wild, especially if there is no drain at the home. That’s why your yard doesn’t always need a drain cleaner. If you see a spot that looks just like a drain, you might just not want to drain the area!

A drain clogged with a plastic bag is not a drain clog. If there is no way to drain it, try leaving it alone until you can drain the water. Even if you have some sort of water leak, the water should still fill the drain. If there is enough water to fill it, you have an indoor problem. You should clean the drain and not the neighborhood or yard.

Tip 6 – Follow the Waterline First

If you’ve followed this guide along, you still need to check and test your waterline.