How To Use A Paint Sprayer That Actually Exterminates Bacteria

The paint sprayer will work on plastic or wood items. Make sure your floor is properly clean before using the sprayer.

What’s a nice little side project to get your creative juices flowing? You guessed it, using a paint sprayer that actually kills bacteria, that’s what! This handy little piece also saves time and money. The sprayer will work on plastic or wood items. Make sure your floor is properly clean before using the sprayer.

The paint sprayer actually kills bacteria and will NOT contaminate your floor with nasty critters! 

How do I use this handy little sprayer? First, make sure your floor is clean! If the floors are not clean, use the sprayer on your plastic or wooden flooring, to eliminate bacteria before the surface is even in contact with the flooring. Next, spray on your solution – this can be water, or your regular cleaner – and let the sprayer do its work. While the paint sprays out (and away from you) you can use your fingers to gently remove any stray specks that might get on your hands. This is the most important part of the entire method. You will have to be careful not to wash the floor down with the solution; this will destroy the flooring. When you are finished, you will have a clean looking floor that will not only be much easier (and faster) to clean, but also won’t contaminate your other items. If you leave the flooring standing, bacteria will eventually build up on it and you will not have a clean floor for a while. Make sure to let the floor dry for at least 5 minutes, before you wash it. Once wet, the paint will not easily penetrate the surface of dry flooring.

What is a good starting paint solution? One that is not too alkaline, (like the one in this picture). Make sure you use the full recommended sprayer solution that came along with your sprayer. Do not use tap water! Using the smaller sprayer sprays may allow more particulate size to penetrate the floor for longer, and will cause a greater chance of water droplets and other contaminants being left behind.

How long will it take to clear? It will take between 2-10 days after you use this method, depending on how much watery solution you used. You will have to wait at least one day after you spray so that the floor can air dry, before you put more liquid or wipe on more flooring. If you plan to clean all of the floor at once, this time might be cut in half.

Should you purchase this sprayer? Probably not. There is already a cheap little $4 sprayer available that can do both spraying and wiping, and it’s called the “I-Wipe”, which also has an optional attachment that helps you wipe off small amounts of flooring without killing the flooring, or the other way around.