How To Use A Spaghetti Machine To Unclog A Spill

Spaghetti is often used in kitchens or bars for this purpose, but it turns out that when the spinner gets stuck, it can clog the drain.

When your spaghetti machine gets stuck, there is a good chance it will clog the drain or overflow. But what if you could use the machine’s on/off button to automatically unclog it? That’s the idea behind this easy installation and quick-fix solution; it’s the result of a small project that might just make a big difference to your well being, health and even life.

Spaghetti Machine Clog, Spilled Food In The Drain

An overworked machine might produce pasta that is overly sticky and dry. 

An underpowered machine might make spaghetti that is too soft to eat.

In a time it’s hard to decide what is more important, eating the food, but also cooking the food. As a kitchen or bar owner, you can only do one of the two.

To avoid clogged spinner you can always manually stop the machine from spinning.

In this case you would press the on/off button with the rubber ring.

This might work in a restaurant.

In a bedroom, on the other hand, is something that you’ll have to find on your own.

This project can also be used to unclog a drain or overflow from a kitchen sink, faucet or any of the other common drain cleaners.

The spinner can work with both mechanical and electric spinner. 

Spaghetti Machine On/Off Solution

1. Find An Electric Spinner.

A high velocity electric spinner (20+) can be easily found in almost any hardware store.

If the spinner has a built-in lever mechanism which makes it easier to use, it might be a good fit.

This simple solution should work for most spinner brands.

2. Find A Water Source.

Most restaurants and hotel kitchens use a “dry” water source (not drinking water) that has been recently pumped from a well.

This is the best-quality-available source of water that is available near the kitchen. It can be clean, not too cold, not too hot, and not full of all kinds of nasty bacteria.

Most of the restaurants in Singapore choose tap water sources for this purpose, which is not as safe or reliable as tap water (which can come from polluted sources, such as municipal, industrial and home drains, and is not filtered by gravity). 

Most hotel kitchens and restaurants use a potable water source, for example drinking water.

Water must be boiled before it’s drunk. But you may be curious about what is the right temperature at which your water is safe. I usually go with the safety temperature of boiling water between 135 – 150C (250 – 320F). This water source can last for a minimum of 12 hours. Once the water is removed from the spinner, it can last longer than 12 hours.

3. Remove the Rubber Ring.

Now, find something to grip the spinner with.

I use a long piece of wire or a small rod.

The most convenient things to use would be:

A big screw (a metal or metal-plastic-shelled piece of steel can also grip the spinner)

A piece of string or rope (this is the “heavy” and easy to grip method)

An “end-to-end” elastic band

Some folks add a rubber band to the string. 

You can also use old towels, towels or towels that were recently washed.

You can also use a sock or sock cloth to grab a small corner to grasp the spinner.