How To Use Diet To Make Your Life Better

This is a post for my new book, ” The Ultimate Fitness Solution .” One of the things I get asked for most by people is what kind of nutrition to adopt if we want to lose weight, enhance our health, and live a long and happy life.

We’re in the midst of a weight war . It’s not surprising. If you’re overweight, you aren’t going to be content with sitting on the couch on that $9/month you’ve been spending on a “fast food” sandwich. You’re going to be going to the gym. And then you’re going to be consuming enough calories to fuel you to a healthy weight. I understand why we crave the “gotta have more, more, more” feeling, but let’s be realistic. Most people don’t want to die. The average American eats enough food to fill a 30 pound bag with their bodyweight. That gives me an idea : Maybe our bodies can only take so much. So if you’re eating too many calories and can’t burn them off, maybe you need to eat more.

Let’s be honest here. People who are overweight don’t want to weigh less. If that sounds stupid, know this: If you get fatter, you will want to stop being who you are. Because you will no longer be able to live a fulfilling life . People on diets don’t want to look like they don’t want to lose weight. They want to look “beach body ready.” And when you tell them they won’t be able to look like that, they want to be thin. And thin is the only way people are “going to look normal.” If your goal isn’t a beautiful beach body, what’s wrong with a healthy and attractive body? But, I get tired of hearing “I have to lose weight to be happy,” every other day. What I’ll do is tell you what your body needs to do to remain as well-endowed as it’s supposed to be. It needs to be more fat. It needs to have more muscle. It needs to eat more calories and move more.

Here’s how that works: You will need a steady diet of foods that supply your body with energy. If we take a trip to the store in a bikini, my guess and I’ll give you my best guess, a healthy female could look like she is wearing two back packs on each leg. If someone is eating a high intake of foods that don’t provide that needed energy, they may lose up to 20% of their weight. If you’re a woman reading this, know that you are just a drop in the ocean of women who can lose weight on their own. So don’t blame your weight loss on diet or the food you eat. The solution is within you. What you need is more food. And the reason you’re reading this right now is because you have been looking at your health and eating and not exercising.

In the book, I describe four nutritional areas of the human body . They are the organ systems that supply all the food you need. There’s your stomach which is the first system to fill with food. Your liver provides some water and food to help break things down for you. Your intestines provide food to the blood system and the skin and the muscles. And the last system to fill at the end of a meal is the lungs. Your lungs are basically the storage tanks for air.

All these organs work their magic to convert food to energy. This energy is then used to fuel all our systems. So, this would be a person’s basic nutritional needs. First nutrition tells you the organ systems that are important for food intake. It tells you the nutrition that’s critical for being able to burn off your food. And this nutrient composition is what you need to feed your body for optimal health.

But, what about the rest? Why not just eat more? Well, it gets us off kilter. When we gain weight, we aren’t actually burning calories and losing weight. We’re just storing them. Even if we eat less and exercise more, we’re just going to store more calories. Our body is designed to store as much food as possible. Our bodies get hungry when they reach a certain weight and then start storing more food.