How To Use Your Brain Instead Of Your Heart

If we understand why our emotions are so strong and why our feelings are so important, then we can use our brains to control them and not feel their effects.

How to use your brain instead of your heart, according to Michael Eades. That’s pretty simple: If you think about something really intensely and then stop, it’s a pretty good bet that you’ll notice it or at least that you’ll remember it. It makes you want to do it again. And when you think about something, you may feel that it’s important, even if you can’t articulate what that is. So think about it for a while. Then think about something else. Try to picture or mentally copy that first emotion or thought before you let the brain rule everything.

Emotions are our brains’ way of communicating that something is important to us.  If we’re looking for those feelings, we’d best listen to what our brains say, right? Well, maybe, but maybe not.  We all like things to be easy…and what we want to be, actually, is easy. We think we know we are emotionally vulnerable because we feel that they are, but we’re still the wrong ones.

There are many things we do when feeling a certain way that are not “normal.” I have a great example right here.   When I was a child, I thought I was bad at sports. That was fine, because I was a child and it’s hard to be bad at something other people enjoy, right ? The problem is I never played the ball with other kids or watched cartoons with my friends. I tried to be better a number of years later, but never really tried. I figured I was good because I had always wanted to be good. But I guess that wasn’t good enough.  I never really got that there was something I was doing wrong, and I wasn’t sure what it was. In my head, I still thought I was bad. But it seemed like everyone else was doing just as well as I was. It took a while, but I finally got the point.

You may be feeling the same way. In your head, you’re saying to yourself, “Wow, everyone is totally fine,” and when you look around, you realize it’s only you, you have to try harder, there’s something missing, and you’re just not as strong a person as everyone else.

This is called “the Other Power.” This is the “other” that is not “you,” but isn’t necessarily bad either. It is a sort of negative energy, a sort of “You Are What You Think,” that is just different from you.

It’s not just different, it’s not good. It makes everything worse. It makes you want desperately to not feel it. But sometimes we just have to live with the “others” and ignore what they say (or don’t) or don’t say (or don’t do). We don’t have to like it, it’s not us, we don’t understand what it wants, why it’s so angry or so sweet, and we certainly don’t like it when it’s trying to hurt us or us hurting it. But we can’t think about it and then think about it and then feel how terrible it is, or get angry with it for trying so hard and having nothing to show for it, or try to get rid of it, or get rid of it, or try to stop it.  We just have to accept that this is the Other Power.

Why do we have this Other Power, anyway? How can we control it, or change it?

It’s our brain’s way of saying nothing is wrong with us, and everything is alright as long as there’s something we can control. Because our brain is thinking “I don’t like these feelings, so I’m not going to act in them.”