How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want

It takes practice and hard work but by remembering “What Would I Say”, you can use your brain to get what you want.

The brain is extremely responsive to motivation. Your brain remembers a number of things about you. When you get stuck, try to remember the specific things that you are trying to achieve and then imagine yourself saying it. It will give you much better clarity of vision into your current state of mind and the areas for improvement.

There are many ways to think about and use your mindset.

It helps you to find new ways, opportunities and ways to improve on what you are doing. You are the owner of your mindset and have no idea where it goes and what will make it change.

Your brain is a powerful tool. It can be like that’s your car. If you don’t drive it, it won’t run. However it is also a tool that you have to be careful to exercise in order to keep it running. It also is the most complex aspect to use in my opinion. That is why i’ve written this article.

Let’s talk about the things that we need help with our mindset.

Mondays / Sundays / Wednesdays – We call these days “Off days”. In general there have been days that we haven’t done anything, things that were on our mind (think of all the movies and TV shows). We have also been in bed thinking about stuff during the day. In order for your brain to be working properly for you to be at your best, you have to give yourself some breaks. This is where your brain finds ways to recharge and the more you give it an opportunity to recharge, the more the brain will return to your best state.

Tuesday – This is the day that we often spend most of our time in the office. I know that this one is kind of weird. But it allows you to give your body a break and lets it get to work. By going to the gym or doing any type of exercise or anything else to let your mind recharge, it will get better than on your day off. It will be able to come back at all the harder tasks and give you a boost to your productivity.

Sundays – A lot of people say that this day is too easy in the mornings and that they just want out of the office. After they take those days off, they go back to work and this can create a lot of stress. It allows you to find the right balance when it comes to going back to work. The trick here is to find a balance between too much and not enough and then find it. As my boss said, “there is no perfect day except today”.

Wednesday – It is another day that your body might feel really tired, especially in the mornings. If you have really bad mornings it’s because you missed out on the rest of the day. It’s very nice to have this day free and at least with this day you don’t mind getting back to work. By going to the gym or doing some other type of exercise, your body gets a chance to recharge.

When this is done, it allows you to rest up and come back with fresh mindset. If done right, you will be able to accomplish whatever you want to. It is so easy to think that the hardest part of productivity is setting up your day. The real hard part of productivity is getting back up from your sleep, getting the necessary sleep and then not getting tired on the day of your hardest work.

I hope you have found this useful.