How To Win A Fight: A Self-defense Master Class

I am a self-defense aficionado. I know how and when to use the right tactics when confronting an aggressive attacker to keep me safe and myself physically unharmed.

I wanted a way to do this on my own, so I created a series of video tutorials that teach how you can win a fight, just like I do in my personal self-defense class I teach. The videos teach you how to identify an attacker, how to defend yourself if they do attack, and how to fight using the technique I teach.

Here’s the short version: You are a good person, you have never done an offensive action against anyone or been in an argument where someone attacked you, and you’re very scared that some stranger is going to attack you as you have no clue what they actually do or want. This is a perfect time to learn a self-defense course. 

The short version is that when the stranger is in your face, your only real weapons are your instinct, your desire to survive, and one of your greatest weapons is your will to win. If you can convince yourself that you have the upper hand, the odds will be on your side because you won’t think of using those weapons as a strategy to win a fight. In fact, when you use them too much, you’ll lose the fight.

Now you know how to win when you stand up to an attacker. You should know how to control them after you take him down.

Here’s how to win a fight:

When you stand up to an attacker, make eye contact with him. When your eyes meet, he’ll either freeze in horror and run or he’ll turn and run.

If he doesn’t freeze in place, you must then turn your power towards him. You MUST force him to stop what he is doing and look at you. You can either fight directly to him, or you can turn your power towards him to get his attention.

You can stop him if you want, but that’s where you lose control and he will have a stronger position and get into that position against you.

To be successful, you will need to be the aggressor. Most likely you will not be attacking from a position of strength and you will need to use your speed and your advantage of size to take away his power while he has it.

If you are aggressive enough, though, you can even take his back in any position. If a person is standing back in a defensive stance, don’t attack him and try to force your power to his back where he can’t do anything to defend himself. Instead, use the position you have created to force him to defend himself from you. 

Once you have control of his back, you can take him down.

In every movement of attacking you make toward him, you are creating a gap in his defense which will allow yourself to push him back towards you. You need to stop once you are halfway to his back, then push him forward. Now you will have control in your body over your attacker.

So here are four tips to get his back. 

Look for a weakness in his defense as he moves in front of you. This is a hard one to find and I think it only really gets easier the more time I spend working with students with different body types, but often you will find yourself in a position where your aggressor has the advantage, but can’t get in position to hit you, so he just walks through your strikes. 

Here are a few examples where you’ll notice the weakness: The arms or legs will be in a good position to attack and you’ll be able to easily grab them.