How We Make The Most Of A Good Opportunity

It may take some extra effort, but when a good opportunity arrives, we often fall for it without a second thought. Don’t be so quick to say “why wasn’t I thinking about it earlier?” Instead, take time to consider and appreciate the offer.

In life, sometimes it’s not the best decision. Sometimes, you are forced to make a tough choice, but you never give it much thought. It may seem so easy and natural. But, in retrospect, the decision may have turned out to be a truly difficult one and will take serious commitment to overcome.

You’re not a bad person

I’ve always known that this would be a great opportunity and was hoping for this opportunity. I just didn’t know it’d come at such a tough and difficult time in my life. I am truly grateful to be given the opportunity to make a new life for myself, as many others will struggle with the transition. I knew I had to try hard to find a good balance between working and being a good mom and being a good parent to my three boys.

I’m proud of my children, as one of the things they do best is run about a corner, which I love. They are extremely competitive, so you have to be careful where and how you choose to run. I also like to try new diets and exercise regimens. I’m sure, my kids would have loved some time with me on their lunch break, sitting with me on the couch while they watched the game.

On this week’s episode, I am sharing with you that it’s not easy being a new parent and being a good parent!

As I mentioned in a recent episode (see the video), the transition from work into a family requires that parents step up, take on additional responsibilities, and put in extra effort. This is not easy, and it’s definitely not something a new dad should take on without the understanding and support of his wife.

You never know what may come your way and it may not be a decision that you take. But, if it is the right opportunity, just be aware that it may present itself.

“How To Take A Good Job Away From Your Ex”

Don’t Be Tempted

It only takes a few minutes of looking past all of the job titles and responsibilities on offer to find out that in many ways, being a good parent can feel difficult. The best chance of getting it right is to look beyond the job titles, duties, and titles that seem to apply to the job. Look at all aspects of what you as a parent can do to support your kids.

Take them to a new activity or game that they love. Tell them to make up stories about what they saw at the local park or at the zoo. Ask them a question; make sure they can answer it. And, don’t be too hard on them, or it doesn’t turn into the learning experience that it should.

I had been thinking about this for awhile, but once I had the opportunity to make this real, it hit me in a much deeper, more complete way. I don’t do everything to the best of their ability but I do make sure that I give them a chance to succeed. They’re at home with their mom; it feels like we’re in a different world and in a totally different place but in the midst of that, together we are one. We’re all in a room together. There’s no way to get a better feeling than that.

There are no guarantees, yet it’s the chance to make their life better.