How Yoga Helped Me Reclaim My Spirit

Yoga has been with me all my life, and I’ve learned a great deal about myself and my relationship with God through it. But one thing I’m still discovering is that yoga isn’t just about the physical, but about my inner spirit too.

Yoga is one of the simplest, simplest ways to connect to your true self. We see that yoga can be practiced anywhere and at any time, because it is about reconnecting to your body and your awareness. But perhaps more importantly than this is the experience that yoga offers. It brings us together as humanity, to look deeply into our lives, including deep spiritual questions, and to connect and reawaken with our true selves. In fact, one of the best ways to do this is through meditation. As soon as you start meditating, you begin to experience a great spiritual awakening, as you are able to see more deeply into the essence of who and what you really are. This is part of the reason the practice of yoga is so easy for us to get into. It is such a simple process that anyone can experience. Yoga, like meditation, is also about finding your own voice. In a sense, as we look deeply into our own souls, we begin to feel more aware of who we really are. Then, we can be more creative with our lives, and with the people we love and the things that we find meaningful.

It can be very easy to find a meditation practice that has not been personally meaningful to you in a long time, and this is a sad situation that people can sometimes face as they start to feel more of a sense of being in their true, authentic selves. For these people, trying another meditation can provide the “aha moment” that they are looking for. It can be that difficult step of reconnecting with your true self again, at least mentally, and maybe even emotionally. But remember, a great and challenging truth is that yoga, like meditation and all spiritual things that are truly important to you, is a practice, and no matter how much work you put into these practices, they will only make you a more fully human being. In the end, you won’t look back at how hard you worked to find some meditation or another practice with such awe again.  

There are countless different ways of practicing yoga. As always, this is just a list of a few popular ones, and most everyone has their own way of doing yoga that is uniquely theirs.   There are several types of yoga, some of which are more traditional and spiritual, while others like Bikram yoga are all about physicality. Some of the most popular yoga styles include: Ashtanga yoga (or ashtanga which means sun or sunrise asanas), Ashtanga vinyasa, the Pashaura yogasana, and the Iyengar/Viniyoga classes. But whatever yoga practice you choose to incorporate into your life, it is important to find out how to actually practice your yoga, not based on what books you read. If you want to do yoga, go for it. Otherwise, keep to the traditional methods and stay true to the truth, and if that doesn’t make you feel like you are living a complete life, then maybe some other type of practice would be more appropriate.   And if you are starting out, it is good to practice a few months to get used to it.   If you are trying to find your own way through this journey, I recommend to use the  Ashtanga yoga method .   A good starting point would be the Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners book , and then you can work towards practicing Iyengar or Viniyoga. It doesn’t necessarily require a guru however. My husband and I are both ashtangis and so we just practice without one. And since we don’t even practice in an organized way at home, it is very possible for us to practice together, and learn from each other in that way.