How You Should Be Living Your Life

How you should be living your life, today. How you can shape your future, with a positive outlook, no matter who you are.

You may wonder if you should live your life like a Zen Buddhist monk practicing zazen every day (or as a yogi on a strict exercise regimen in order to achieve enlightenment) or if you can just work in the modern day and get along just fine.

You can do both — but you won’t.

No matter how much work you put into your own life, you can’t avoid disappointment or criticism and you will disappoint yourself by letting yourself fall into that category.

That is, there will be a day when you don’t have the energy or the opportunity to write your own life story. You will just have this one chapter stuck on the page at the bottom of your copy of the to-do list.

That just happens. It is part of life, but you are not supposed to lose any sleep over it.  Don’t worry about things like that.

It is important to set your own expectations about your life.  You should not be held to a higher standard than others.  I would like to remind you that you have been allowed to make a very, very unique and special choice in the world.  In fact, you had the choice to take a different path, a path which might turn out to be more fruitful than yours.  And now it is time to learn your limitations.

Your life is not a story you have some writer tell you all at once. The world is not so big as to make all your problems disappear.  No matter how many problems there may be, people will be happy and sad.  People will have good days and bad days. The only constant will be you .   And that is your story.  It is unique and not bound by the standards of people.  Forgive yourself and start living your story now.  

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And be patient with yourself, the moment you are able to write this story. As you get farther along you’ll have more things to tell your story.   You might even be able to write an entire book on just this kind of life experience.

For now, just have faith in the people around you, accept your circumstances as they are, and enjoy every good moment that can happen to you.  And don’t forget that this is your life and your story.   Just take care of it.   Forgive yourself and be happy.

Happy to be a contributing author to The Blog of a Badass.