How You Turned Your Love Life Around

The story centers around Sarah’s mother’s death. It explores the toll of that loss on the entire family and the effect her death had on the people closest to her.

I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster since my mother’s death. I’ve become quite withdrawn since my father’s passing back in 2009, so it wasn’t surprising that Sarah’s dad was not exactly the picture of health and happiness. This has also led to Sarah spending a considerable amount of time by herself… even without any serious problems.

What’s going on there? She’s not depressed? She’s lonely? She doesn’t worry much about anything that’s going on in her life? I know that sounds strange, but in my mind, I imagine Sarah’s going through a lot more than a normal person does during a difficult time. She’s dealing with the loss of her mother at the same time that her father has been in jail for the last few months. That means she’s trying to cope with both at the same time, whereas most people simply focus on the loss and that they hope will pass on its own.

I don’t know. 

How am I supposed to know what I was or wasn’t feeling the last few months until we’re actually there? I know that we just talked about this on our last episode, and that I’m in denial about some of this stuff.

I’m having trouble keeping track of my emotions the last time I was here and I don’t even want to think about it anymore. I’m also not thinking about this episode. I really don’t want to discuss it because I want it to be over quickly and I don’t want to think too much about something I’m not even mad about right now. I’m scared that something in it would upset me.

You are my favorite family member.

We did it! We’re back for another season with a new (sort of) family. This time, we have Sarah’s Aunt and Dad. This has been one of the season highlights for me so far. It’s been interesting in that Sarah’s dad might actually be better off being her boss, rather than dealing with his daughter. I’m always excited to see this, because I’ve always been pretty skeptical of the family dynamic that would result, but it was kind of exciting to see some of that come to fruition. It’s great that this episode is just two people having a conversation as if they’re in school (or in a relationship) and you actually get a good glimpse into how they’d talk in that situation. That was exciting for me. I like to see these people have conflict and have problems and that’s really the only way to keep a story interesting.

I love how everything with Sarah is coming full circle. Her mom is dead and her dad has become her boss; it’s like we’re moving back in time. This makes it a little harder to deal with. When we left off we’re still in the present, but this time we’re not there. This time, we’re somewhere else. It forces Sarah to think about herself a little differently. Not only would she be dealing with the loss of her mother and her father being out of the picture, but she is now dealing with her parents being in prison. Now she can’t have Thanksgiving alone or talk to her parents at dinner. She’s a different person in that regard.

I feel a little confused about this whole Thanksgiving. I want Thanksgiving to be one day that everyone gets together together and I want to get out of this situation, but I know that this may take months. My father was sentenced to 4 to 12 months. He has served 3 months in prison. We can’t move to another state as he has no passport. 

I’m sorry, but I think we just talked about this? Sorry my dad is gone. You’re here and you’re alive and I’m not worried about you. I’m still very confused by things, but I understand how difficult this can be. There’s some stuff happening with Sarah’s parents but we don’t know if it’s going to ever be resolved or whether it’s going to stay this way. So, yeah, I’m still confused the last time I saw Sara last season. If I’m being honest with you, I’m still very confused at the end of the season about what happened to her.

I’m worried about the same thing. We still don’t understand the entire situation, because she’s gone.