How Your Mental Health Status Can Affect Your Health

If a person has a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits, they should be able to avoid many health problems that are caused by unhealthy lifestyles and unhealthy habits.

When I asked my therapist about some of the “health problems” she often tells clients to avoid, she said there were many unhealthy behaviors that she never hears about but are a big part of why someone could develop a chronic disease. She told me about one client, who when she was a teenager, she got into an argument on the bus with another kid. They got into a shoving match in the back seat, so this girl started hitting the kid in front of her, and then started getting physically abusive herself.<
And that is why people have “fears” or are “nervous around their bodies” or have “feelings of perfectionism, and of course the list goes on and on… That’s why you need to address all of those, and also address unhealthy ways you relate to your body – because one of the worst problems for a person with an eating disorder is that they don’t have the tools to deal with these feelings. Because they’ve gone so long not being able to deal with it, the feelings can build up inside of them until they can’t keep their hands off themselves… If a person is able to recognize that these emotions are valid, and learn to deal with them without using them as a way to control them, they will be much less likely to hurt or injure others.<
As you can see, I believe that the main reason why people develop medical problems is because they have “dislikes, weaknesses, and weaknesses”.

I’m now going to talk about what you can do about those things.

1. If you are a victim of a mental health disorder, you have every right to change your health habits.

If you can do exercise because of your fear of getting fat, do it.

When you feel the urge to smoke or snort meth, take your nicotine break.

If you find yourself drinking way too much, cut back on the amount and quit drinking altogether.

If you find yourself making excuses when having anxiety, say it to yourself, and stop doing these things.

If you find yourself avoiding your favorite places and people due to fear, ask yourself why you keep avoiding them.

If you find yourself avoiding your spouse because you’re afraid that you’ll get fat, ask yourself why you’re not sharing your love or showing your affection in other ways.

If you find that you’re a poor family cook because you’re eating unhealthy foods, take a course or talk to a cooking instructor.

If you find yourself being less social because you’re afraid of people seeing your bulging stomach, then find some people that you can talk to about this.

If you’re experiencing low energy due to an unhealthy lifestyle, you have a right to take care of yourself first. Take your pills and eat all of your broccoli because that’s what you need to do to be healthy and energetic.

Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself wanting to do an unhealthy habit or do something unhealthy because there’s no fun in that, and you will do anything to get rid of the negative feelings. That is when it’s actually unhealthy.

2. People Who Have Mental Health Disorders Are People.

People who have eating disorders are people. They are not weak and they are not bad. They are not going to eat a cupcake if you give them one. They are people with a mental health disorder. These are people with a problem and they have to deal with the problem that they have. If they cannot be themselves, that’s bad enough.

I know we’re all going to fight about the word “disorder” because in this culture, we really have no clue what it is. But you know what? For someone with a mental health disorder, that does not make it less painful. It makes it more severe. If you were a person with a physical ailment, you wouldn’t try to pretend to be OK because it’s all in your head and what else would you do?

We are all human beings. We are all people with weaknesses that we wish to improve, that we wish to overcome, and people with a lot of things that they want to change and improve. I promise you; if you want to be healthy, and you can find the support to do that, that means that you are ready for it and you will be fine.

3. Don’t beat yourself up.

When you have a problem, try to do what you can. If you’re sick, make healthy foods for yourself. If you’re overweight, make sure you eat healthfully. It doesn’t mean you’re perfect.

It doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for improvement.