How Your Mind Can Change For The Better

People with anxiety need to be able to feel calm, controlled and energized. That’s why I believe it’s crucial to live a “normal” life — an existence that’s not always happy, but one that’s full of value, meaning and possibilities. I was fortunate to grow up with a supportive family who were incredibly accepting, but that does not mean it’s easy.

Being an anxious person can make your reality a constantly whirling, chaotic mess — sometimes even causing you to question yourself. I understand that, and it made me a lot more aware of the ways I can better manage anxiety. I’ve always been very focused, analytical, but I feel like my ability to think on my feet and solve any problem was hindered by anxious behavior. I know I cannot be perfect. And I know that I never will be. But I can strive for what’s right, and better my quality of life. It may just mean going outside the box and making changes that are outside of my comfort zone.

Take the time to stop stressing and get out of your own way a bit.

What You Should Do

If you’re using medication, talk to your psychiatrist. If you have depression, talk to a therapist. If you’ve become an alcoholic, get help. If you experience other anxiety, be open to finding new methods that don’t require extreme change in lifestyle. Just because you’ve found something that works for you, doesn’t mean you should throw it out. 

If you need more information,  check out this book  from Anxiety Press.

Stay Focused on Your Goal

People who are highly anxious often struggle to focus their thoughts on anything other than their anxiety-provoking situation and their feelings, anxiety, or stress. They find themselves constantly ruminating about and worrying about how things might go wrong. They constantly need to focus their thoughts on one task and one person to achieve a task. They struggle to focus, and are easily left distracted.

If you’re thinking of losing focus, it’s not a sign that you’re not going to succeed. Instead, it might be an indication that you need to focus on more than one goal at a time . And the best way to do that is to pick something that sounds easy, right, and just makes sense.

The first step in fixing a problem like obsessive overthinking is to define it. For example, if you find yourself trying to plan to meet someone at a certain time at a certain place, it might be helpful to think “meet a friend” or “take a vacation and spend time with them” — the idea being that you can find something in life that’s easy, fun, and interesting enough, you can concentrate on more than just your anxiety.

Find a goal that’s meaningful to you, and find something to focus and concentrate on.

The good news is that a great way to overcome anxiety is to find a project, skill, or activity you enjoy. It doesn’t matter if that hobby or activity is physical, like running, fishing, or gardening, or not. Try a project that takes 20 minutes, requires only a couple of hours for completion, and is rewarding and energizing.

The downside is that, unless you practice it daily, it may be difficult to see your improvement. But your ability to focus and relax will increase as you take your focus off your anxiety and take it to a new level. And that increase will take you beyond the point where your anxiety is even noticeable.

The only way to be successful in your anxiety is to make a choice.

The point of a goal is not to lose time and make yourself miserable. A goal is to make sure your happiness doesn’t depend on any stressful outcome. It is not difficult to get started with a goal. But once you understand why you’re pursuing it, you’ll see it becomes a lot easier. 

Take the decision to make a goal, and use it to keep focusing and relax. 

This article was inspired by an amazing blog entry written by a commenter who goes under the username IamZommyZombies.

It’s just so nice when you find out about someone else’s story.