Need Emotional Support? Get a Cat Right Meow

The benefits of having an emotional support animal cannot be understated, but what animal is best? Generally speaking, having a dog takes a lot more work, which makes having a cat the most prominent solution. It is a common misconception that cats are not good emotional support animals. In fact, cats are affectionate, have unique and lovely personalities that make them perfect pets to have. The best support cat is just a cat.

All animals have emotional needs. For example, a cat might need you a lot more than a plant needs the sun. Cats are pretty good at expressing their needs to you through body language, e.g., walking up to you at the door and letting you hold them, pawing at your clothing and even purring. They need you to be where you can relate to them and not be too far away. They also like to be reminded that they are loved, and cuddling is the best way to do that.

Some of the benefits of having an emotional support animal

You can instill trust in your new pet early on. People underestimate the importance of their pet in the early days of having one.

The memories you form with your cat that you carry around with you can change your entire mood. 🙂

You get to have less stress in your life, the animals can help with the healing process especially if you got a pet that was with you during your illness or injury.

Your cat can be an invaluable partner in your life, especially if you are suffering from depression or have been through a loss. I have a cat who was with me after my son Joshua passed away. This cat helped me so much and I am so appreciative for the comfort he gave me when I was dealing with the loss.

You learn about your pet through thinking and communication.

Emotional support animals provide a buffer between you and those who are unable to fully understand your difficulties. They are not a substitute for medication, but provide people the assurance that they are important and valuable people in their lives.

You gain members of your family and friends who understand the stress of letting your loved one or friend go, that you have no one else.

Talk to your veterinarian if you are having trouble deciding on an animal, as this can help you decide if you truly need one. Also, some animals are harder to train and require more time.

Animals give us loving support in a time of need. Hugs and love to you for reading this and happy hunting for your new pet.