The 14 Keys to REAL Productivity

There are myriads of articles online about improving one’s productivity, but I have not seen one yet that captures all the ideas driving the choices of the most productive people in business and entrepreneurship. Here are those ideas.


Clever strategies and gurus will never bring you as much glory as being strong. If everyone else is weak, you can win. But you do not have to win every time to succeed. You merely need to be strong.

2. One step at a time

If you are a young person starting out in business you should not try and do everything at once. Plan out your activities so you can break them apart into small, manageable chunks until the whole is completed. This will enable you to see the program as a marathon rather than a sprint.

3. Incrementally move up the ladder

It is not enough to have a plan for the first 10 weeks or month of a business and then sit back and relax. Be in it to win it. There will be decisive moments of restriction and overexertion. Every step you take must be progressive and ever more difficult.

4. Be persistent

The ability to be persistent is just as important as the ability to fight and persevere. Often people who are most persistent make least progress. One gets stuck in the wrong place and is in for a surprise.

5. Recognize your own weaknesses and strengths.

In many ways, it is not about what a person can do, but about who a person really is. It is how a person chooses to play the characteristics of the vessel you are born in. It is your aptitude, your dedication, your potential, and your resolve. If you can do something with your life, do it!

6. Focus on the most important activities without regard for the others

Many people get distracted by diversions of business activity. They forget about other activities that are equally important. Worrying about the details of one activity while neglecting others prevents the achievement of the coveted work/life balance. There are many commitments that are just as important as a job. Business is a work of a lifetime. Make this work.

7. Make use of your life-changing opportunities

The best way to get more out of life is to make use of all the opportunities it offers. Be a catalyst. When someone gets in a conversation with you, enlighten them about opportunities. Be like a Ted Turner who made billions by talking to people for 20 years about the 21st century.

8. Be a BOSS

The most productive people in business are great bosses. They are willing to take blame for mistakes because they are confident that they have the people who can do the job. They will glorify each person who gets the job done well. They allow others a measure of freedom to get things done in an organized way because they know that it is the person who is responsible for the results. They don’t feel personally responsible for results that may be unachievable. They know that there are always more people with more skill, dedication and initiative out there. They have selected the people worth working for, and are not involved personally in results that are not satisfying of some life purpose. They give and take demands for the work/life balance with a degree of grace. They earn respect.

9. Speak up for yourself

There is nothing that will stop your work and happiness more than your own complacency. Your greatest strength lies in your ability to see the opportunity, and then make the effort to succeed in it. Success is sometimes the feeling you get when you have to speak up for yourself.


Everyone needs to balance their work and their life. But the most productive people in business and entrepreneurship seem to be the ones who choose a conservative approach to choose a work/life balance. They work hard, but they do not feel so hard. They work many hours, but do not feel strained.


The more focused you become, the more productive you are. While you are working, your mind is on something else. Therefore, if you are not focused, you should have no need to be. On the other hand, there is no reason to have no need to be focused, because the more you are focused, the more you will be productive.

12. Be patient

You might feel frustrated to be busy just because you have read that the average CEO spends 8 to 9 hours per day on his/her business. However, if you battle with busyness, you will not get anywhere. You will quickly lose the strength to start your office and to exercise, or to play with your kids. Most people who are busy do get in at least a few hours a day to play with their kids.

13. Take a rest sometimes for a few days

It seems that most of the productive people in business slept in last night! Well, the last thing you want is to find yourself doing the same. Keep a few days on your agenda every month to relax and refresh yourself. You never know, the refreshed you might make a difference in your work productivity.

14. Surround yourself with positive people and organizations

The trouble with most business people is that they choose to associate with people who are negative without even realizing it. They see people they don’t like or approve of, but they surround themselves with people they like. It is almost like they work in condominium communities and leave the outlying areas to the outsiders.