What A Billionaires Should Never Do (that People Do)

People are a little more generous than they should be — to themselves. They should be more considerate of their fellow man.

A new study shows that when it comes to buying things, the average American is only willing to sacrifice $100 for more than a billion more than a similar number of poor people could buy. This trend, known as “wealth skew,” is a great waste of wealth. And it should be an easy way to help solve the problem of social justice today.

We have to start by giving less, and giving wisely.

Imagine a society in which your neighbor has about the same average amount of wealth as you do, and they are happy to lend you his or her wealth when you request it. They give you more so that they have more to give and have more wealth to give away. This is not an ideal scenario, but it is a possible outcome — if we all started asking in the right way.

If we all made a $100 donation each month to the poor in need, that’s $1.3 billion a year — not counting charitable giving, which would be another $1.2 billion per year. This is over $1 billion more than the same amount of people could give away.

If we had a society that only gave away more than a billion more than a similar amount of people could afford to give, the world could have an additional $2.8 billion to spend on social causes over the entire year. That’s the equivalent of one year of social care.

So, what would you do?

If you have a Facebook account with 250 friends, then you should share the following message.

I am a huge advocate for a world that allows more people to enjoy more freedom than anyone else in the world. I am proud of the amount I have given to charity and think it’s not enough and it is a terrible waste.

You are not alone.

One in five people are making giving a goal. This makes it more likely that your friends will donate and it makes it easier for you to give. Even if you aren’t making a goal, sharing this message can help raise awareness for what you can do.

But there are so many of you. To meet this need, you have to start with the easy steps. You can make a $100 donation using any number of online platforms, or use your credit or debit card to make a donation directly to any charity you wish.

The goal is not to change the world overnight. But making a $100 donation to any person in need today could make a difference right away.

If you choose to donate, know that your actions help make a difference in this life or the next. It could change not just the lives of the poor, but also our own daily lives and the lives of our children.

You don’t have to be a millionaire. And you don’t have to be rich.

You are not alone.

Your $100 donation today could change the world.

“But isn’t that just wasting money?” You might say. Yes, and it is.

What you think of as “wasting” can actually benefit people on your friend list. The more people your friend likes and follows, more likely he or she will see your donation on Facebook.

You can also use this as the start of a community. If the number of people donating increases, the more people will know about your friend’s decision to make their own donation and encourage them to share their actions on Facebook.

People give to charitable causes because it is a way of showing a positive attitude.