What A Wonderful Gift Mom Is

In the past, the male of the species only had to provide sex for reproduction. Now he and his female partner can also share a beautiful, intimate relationship. They can become, in one stroke, a loving parent– and at the same time, become a parent. This is what we call a good gift.

The male’s gift of childbearing becomes a fatherhood gift when the mother takes maternity leave. At the very least, she is given the opportunity to bond with her young. Mommy will be a powerful force for good. This is an extraordinarily powerful gift for a woman to be given to the opposite sex. How you respond to this gift — to Mommy giving you a chance to share in a beautiful relationship — will be determined, ultimately, by the gift-giving behavior of you, the male in your life.

You are now a parent to your babies. This is where the magic happens. How you respond to this gift, the gift of childbearing, will determine the future of your family.

The Good Gift of Fatherhood

You are now a parent to your babies. This is where the magic happens. How you respond to this gift, the gift of childbearing, will determine the future of your family. There are three fundamental lessons that we expect of new fathers:

In the first act of parenthood, you are the one who takes care of their mother in the next stage–the postpartum period. This is another powerful gift to give to the opposite sex.

In the second act of parenthood, you will provide a family of your own. You make the choices about your own family– how many children you will bear–and you determine the family’s size. You need to know this is the way things are going to work.

In the third act of parenthood, you will become a father. Fatherhood is where the good gift of fatherhood is found. If you take care of your new children, the women in your life will be happy to receive your support as a new father.

In The Power of Fatherhood , Norman Vincent Peale provides us with a simple equation . The first act of parenthood is, for one of you, the gift of childbearing. The second act is the gift of fatherhood, which is why a new father should feel a deep need to serve his new children. It is only the fulfillment of the third act that makes the father a father .

Fatherhood is not only an act of service to your offspring. A real father is a friend, someone you love in a deep way. If you truly love your children, you will show it. You will love and support them. You will take care of the things they need. You will provide financial support when they need it. You will always make a special effort to get to know your children and their friends.

Being a father is not only a gift, it is also a calling from God. God’s primary aim with you as a father is to be a father to the one in whose womb he is creating you. He is asking God that you become your children’s mentor, that you take charge of their lives. He wants you to lead them, and be the one who is there when the day comes for them to make a choice between a relationship with you, and a relationship with their mother.

The father who is nurturing, who is loving, who is the primary role model for his children, will be their best role model for the rest of their lives. The one who never takes charge will not lead his children wisely and faithfully. It is this sort of father who will be in the “custody” of a foster home. He will not provide a consistent and loving role model for his children.

Be the One Who Is There When the Day Comes For Them to Make a Choice Between a Relationship With You and a Relationship With Their Mother

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