What Are Signs Your Body Is Ready For A Baby?

I can’t wait to meet my baby! I don’t know when it will happen, I am just excited that I know it can happen! I want to watch him grow and learn, and hopefully that learning will give me the courage to let go of my own limitations and the burdens life throws your way. It is a gift to my son to be able to share a life with me, and the best gift is to have the gift share to your child.

When my baby is born, I will feel that sense of being the mother; that I was meant to be this way. The love my baby takes on will transform me into a new mother. That feeling will be so deep that for a brief while I will think I’m being selfish for wanting to take so much time away with him. I will feel his tender love and compassion, and will then know that I am being selfish for that same love. When I tell friends and family that I am “coupering” my baby, they often look at me like I’m crazy. Don’t misunderstand. This whole time, I am busy taking care of the baby, making sure that everything is going smooth and right. However, you don’t have to be working to nurture your baby — it’s completely normal for mothers to be at work or at the library, taking care of their families. For many new moms, it feels like they are working for eight people, just as I said. The feeling of caring and love is very powerful to moms. What you don’t know is that this feeling is very healing for moms, because it lets them become more at peace with themselves and their bodies.

When your baby has just a few moments in his first year you may experience the most terrifying fear in the world. You may be in the hospital getting ready for a C-section, and hear the doctor tell you: “Mommy’s ready! We just need to put you into the operating room now!” You will not be able to sleep anymore. You may lie in bed and weep for a few hours. At times you will wonder what happened to you that suddenly you have had to do something so terrifying! You will do everything you can to keep your babies happy and healthy. This is especially true with a firstborn. It was just a few short months ago you were in the hospital for some minor tests, and the doctor was telling you that you would be fine for a few more weeks. You had no idea that a few years would go by and you would still be in the hospital, and you would spend a lot of time there. Even when you’ve been through it all, still you feel that way. This is a big feeling for both of you. It has to go away, and you have got to know why you feel this way.

Your first year with your son will make you grow. For many moms, this time is the hardest. When you give birth as a new mom, you give up the sense of control and the sense that it all is going to be okay. You have a new role in your life — you are the parent, but you also are the human being now that is being physically changed. Your skin is changing, your skin cells change, and your immune system changes because of the constant chemicals released by your body — even though this is nothing to do with your baby. This is what your new body is experiencing. Your skin is soft and delicate now, and it responds immediately to the slightest touch. It has new growth potential, and it must learn to accept these changes, because this is what it needs to do. It must become accustomed to all the things that come with growing up, and because of this it will not be able to go back to a more “normal” life.

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