What Are Some Of The Best Healthy Options For A Super-lazy Thanksgiving?

Today’s holiday has evolved into a feast fit for kings! In fact, I’m going to take one more step back from my role and suggest there are healthier side dishes that are still perfect for a celebration like Thanksgiving, along with the classic, traditional sides.

This year I’ve invited my brother and some family friends to join me for a Super-Healthy Thanksgiving feast. We’re all eating Paleo, in general, and our goal this year is to eat a diet rich with fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein. 

The goal of the Super-Healthy Thanksgiving feast, of course, is to help us get rid of the excess food we’ve added into our diet over the years. 

Our goal with Thanksgiving is to take an unhealthy holiday and make it something else. It’s an idea that’s taken on tremendous life at this time of year in our lives. We can’t make Thanksgiving go away, but we can make it something else.

I’ll start with the foods on the list, before going into what we’re not eating.

Food list:

Oatmeal :  Yes I did ask you!

Mashed Potatoes :  Yes, as far as side dishes go we are doing it, but it isn’t a traditional side dish, but it’s a very healthy side.

Eggs : Oh, yes please.

Nuts : And a handful of seeds.

Potatoes : Oh my goodness, potatoes!

Sweet Potatoes :  Yes, we’re doing them. 

Pepperoni :  Yes, we love these, but they don’t make the main main dish.

Chicken : Oh, yes please, chicken.

Sausage :  Oh yes please, sausage!

Turkey : Oh yes please, turkey!

Onions :  Oh, yes please.

Green Beans : Please, please.

Chicken Broth :  Oh, yes please, chicken broth.

Potatoes : Oh, yes please, potatoes.

Dates :  Yes, of course.

Diced Tomatoes :  Please, please.

Green Salad : Yes, I know, this is a great salad, but it really isn’t for this celebration, not in any way shape or form.

Parmesan Cheese : Yes, I love this, but I’m making a special exception for this year’s Super-Healthy Thanksgiving Feast. 

And as in previous years, we can start with our side dishes.

Side dish list:

Green Beans : Green beans for any side dish is usually an automatic “yes.” (But seriously, a very healthy side dish)

Corn : Yes, this is corn, a whole head of corn, to be exact.

Green Peppers : Yes, they are green, but these are actually some of my favorites. They’re sweet, tangy, and spicy. I think I’ll go with just one.

Green Onions : Yes, in any side dish, green onions are generally a “yes” for me. We had so much of these that we made a batch of them last year as a side dish for Super-Healthy Thanksgiving that my brother sent to me and I put them in a bunch of my salads and soups this year.

Chickpeas :  Yes, please, chickpeas!

Hummus: I tried some of the hummus recipes for this year, but I was so unhappy with every single one. I would not recommend them. They were simply terrible. I’m a huge fan of hummus, and there are lots of options to choose from. Please just stick with the hummus! 

Coconut Milk :   I would rather have a huge glass of coconut milk rather than this one, but it is definitely a healthy alternative. 

Sesame Oil : Yes please, sesame oil.

Garlic : Yes, this will go with everything. We’ve had it on some recipes and we’ve eaten it as a garnish for some other dishes, but it was still delicious when we made it into a side dish. 

My goal when making these Super-Healthy Thanksgiving feasts for my friends is to make one that would be the best-tasting thing I’ve ever eaten. My brother and I spent a lot of time going through the Paleo recipes to choose our favorites, but sometimes our taste buds and memories of childhood dictate what we choose again and again.

When in doubt, just ask. We don’t mind changing it around if we think you’ll like it much better. (Sometimes changing something up is necessary to preserve the flavor or texture.) As long as it tastes good and isn’t a diet, you can have it. (Just let us know how it turns out for you.