What Are The Top 5 Reasons For Not Going To The Gym?

It seems like everyone wants their bodies to work for them. They are the envy of other individuals, even if others don’t seem happy about it. So what are these five key reasons? One, a body cannot perform without air. Two, I want a better relationship with food. Three, I want the ability to enjoy physical activity without stressing myself out over whether I can get started or not. And four, I want my body to be free in ways that are not dependent on whether there is food in a grocery store or a vending machine.

I want my body to be free in ways that are not dependent on whether there is food in a grocery store or a vending machine. It cannot be free when I am hungry. It cannot be free when I am trying to make the workout count. It cannot be free when there is worry whether there is enough food or not to get the work done or not. But it is free when I have my body to myself. In her powerful book, Eat Pause, author, wellness researcher and certified nutritionist Sharon D. Vinson, Ph.D., lists five main reasons you should go to the Gym, including the ability to enjoy physical activity without stressing yourself out over whether you can do it or not or even whether it is physically safe enough or not. The list includes the four I mentioned above as well as the five that she calls “more common and important.” I encourage you to read the book for yourself, as there is a lot of great information in every page.

Why Go To The Gym? By Sharon D. Vinson, Ph.D. Why Go To the Gym? is the name of a book by the author, Sharon D. Vinson, Ph.D., that is highly recommended by many personal trainers and exercise physiologists, health care professionals and educators. This book is filled with health and fitness information for individuals with common and uncommon health concerns. The book helps empower the reader to make responsible health and fitness choices by providing helpful tips for how to create a healthful lifestyle.

Dr. Vinson’s book discusses many of the more common reasons why individuals don’t go to the Gym, including being too afraid to try out a new workout, or not being confident it will work out, or being afraid it won’t be working. It also discusses some more healthful reasons why individuals may not go to the Gym including lack of social or physical support in the area, lack of awareness about personal fitness goals or expectations, or concerns about the quality of care from a personal trainer. If you are one of these reasons why you don’t go to the Gym, go read the book, and see for yourself whether it is true or not.

Let me be clear, if you want to avoid getting pregnant, getting fat, or becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, then you cannot and should not go to the Gym. It is important for you, and for your children, to understand what the benefits are for getting off your ass and exercising every day for a few minutes every day. Exercise works! 

I have seen people with bad diets and chronic health issues drop by 40 pounds within a few months of starting and stay much healthier throughout the rest of their lives. If our bodies don’t take the appropriate breaks and breaks for proper maintenance, then we will become “toxic,” or unhealthy. You should be more like the folks I know. You should not be too afraid to try something new and see how it works for you. The Gym can be a place of encouragement for you if you are willing to push yourself to the limit. A Gym is a place where you work out with an amazing group of people who are also there for YOU. This is the place where you will be rewarded, and where you will get your reward for what you are doing to help yourself, help others and help the planet. If you feel that some of my advice might be hard, then please do not give up or give in to a negative thought. Every time you go to the Gym, feel the positive energy that I am speaking of. Let your body do the work. Give it positive feedback. Take the time to think about the things in your body that are hurting or hurting others or causing your life to become chaotic. Instead, tell your body why you are going, what you want to accomplish, and how you want to be feeling. Then you will feel energized. You will know you have done something positive. And you will be a better person. You will know that you are making a better difference in the world than you ever thought possible.