What Are We Doing To The Earth?

The amount of garbage produced annually equals that of the entire nation of Australia. This waste will take the planet millions of years to recover from.

We are destroying all the life, the oceans, the ecosystem, and the future of humanity. The fact that we are making this progress is astounding. But how do we actually get off the back of this planet, not just to survive but thrive? The answer is clear. The answer is we stop eating animals. The fact that this is such a controversial position, in some circles, is a testament to the fact that we don’t even know what we are doing to our planet, let alone how to fix it.

For some, the answer might be obvious: we must stop taking wild animals for food. As this will be the first step of many on this road, let us give some examples of how that might work:

– The most immediate way humans stop eating wild animals is to not eat them in the first place.

– The second most immediate way humans stop eating wild animals is to simply give up eating anything that isn’t a plant.

– The third most immediate way humans stop eating wild animals is to stop using natural resources that are necessary for growth of food and farming.

– And the next third most immediate way humans stop eating wild animals would be for us to live in a world that is sustainably adapted to all of the problems that come from overconsumption of natural resources.

We start to see the problem, and our ability to mitigate it is clear. However, where is the solution? Some of our animal friends might disagree with that answer, but their answer is more important than ours. The answer lies with the community.

As the communities of humans, animals, and plants are interconnected, so is our response to the environmental problems that we make. It is these networks that will ensure we take no action that further harms ecosystems, plants, and life itself.

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but it’s how we will survive. If you want to know what you might do immediately to reduce your consumption of animal products, here is a list of ideas:

– Eat animals of plant-only diet that don’t take up any land and water.

– Plant locally to reduce food miles and pollution.

– Find out what animals you can eat without harming the environment, and eat them.

It’s the small actions that will help us fix the biggest problems right now, so get to it!

By: Sarah Beth Hobson

Sarah Beth Hobson is a graduate of Duke University and has a Master’s degree in Community Development Studies from the University of Maryland. Sarah is a founder of the local activism platform, LocalVoting.