What Are You Waiting For?

There is no more important time in a person’s life than the time in a person’s life when she/he realizes they are ready to make the decision to take control of their life. When a person is ready to make this decision, they must understand that there are certain things they must do to move forward, to move the right direction and to move on for the sake of all beings who share this life on earth. The following is a list of some vital steps for the courageous soul who truly, deeply wants to move forward into a new beginning and new beginning, with all she/he can be.

I was feeling a bit of a hangover. It was a little more painful than I intended. So now it’s the same as always – nothing to do but make myself sick. So it’s just me and that stupid cat for a second, and nothing else important, and I’m just so goddamn tired, and I’m so damn tired, and I’m just damn tired, and I’m so damn tired, and I’m just damn tired, and I’m so freaking tired…(waking and falling asleep) This is my new definition of “wellness.”

This is my new definition of “wellness.” I’m feeling like a fish out of water – I don’t remember how. I remember seeing those guys outside the door that were going to be the people around for me, and I remember going to bed. But when that door opened just then I just fell out into the darkness, and I saw that they were just standing there, and then I said “Uh oh.” And then I said “Whatcha watching?” So they said “The game,” and I said “The game?” And they just kept smiling and smiling and smiling. Then I said “The game,” and they said “Oh no, that’s a bad game”. So I said “What is it?” And the guy said “No, no, it’s a good game – they want you to get away from that door.” So I went into “The Game” by Michael Jackson! And I think I made a few more friends with this guy than I did the night before . . . but they were still all talking about that little old cat . . . (getting a kiss)

I’m gonna say it . . . in the future . . . this will be an amazing experience to walk out in your underwear and do it. But now I’m more tired of people talking about me or my situation. How many times can someone say this?

This is my new definition of “wellness.” I feel the need to be better than the next guy. (couple of things that I’m looking for) What should I do for this guy? Where should I go to be better than this guy? Do the things that I should know about. So he gets up and says he wants to see a band that played a couple hours ago. So I look at his band. It’s . . . okay. Who are they? And he goes “It’s just . . .” and walks out and says “What?” so (laughing like crazy, but with a hint of shame) I said “Is it O.K. to take you to the beach next week?” He says “Sure, I’ll walk you.” And he’s like “But I have to bring my clothes, because I had to wash them.”

This is my new definition of “wellness.” (wondering who is outside the door) What should I do for this guy? Where should I go to be better than this guy? I could walk in the door right then and there, and that would be very good. But that’s when it’s very easy to be . . . if the choice is between the comfort and comfort of something and staying around, I’d rather stay around. So I think people want to come in and be with me, and if they can’t . . . Well, that’s just the way it is.

This is my new definition of “wellness.” I’m feeling the need to change. I feel that I cannot live this way any more. Now I’m so tired, I’m so tired, I just don’t know . . .