What Can I Do To End My Chronic Back Problems?

I’ve spent some time looking into the health risks associated with sitting and moving your body around continuously during the course of the day. It has shown me several serious health dangers, even if your job is as routine as running your finger over a dial on your TV remote.

A lot of us know of the risks associated with sitting too much during the day, which causes us to get sedentary and not exercise. Sitting is associated with a significant amount of health risks such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. One of the biggest risks of standing too much is also known as a “concentric treadmill.” When we walk our feet never leave the ground, even when the action is in an activity we enjoy, like running. Since we are seated too much, we don’t make the effort to keep our feet moving so they can keep our legs and hips upright and in motion.

This is really important, because the repetitive motions of sitting can cause severe injuries to your joints. As your joints get arthritis, your foot and leg muscles tend to atrophy and fall out of alignment. This is what leads to chronic, degenerative, and expensive back problems.

Here are four simple strategies I have used over the last few years to reverse my chronic back problems.

1. Walk and Sit

I am now much more active in my day – just like my mom! However, when it comes to sitting, it has taken me a long time to break my habit. When I sat, my hips and thighs would swing back and forth from side to side. My knees would move up and down the seat and I wouldn’t even notice.

When I finally got out of my chair, I immediately began standing, which felt amazing. I was instantly mobile.

2. Walk and Sit

When you’re sitting, it is difficult to move your legs, especially your lower-half which is the most delicate part of your body. The back muscles take a lot of the impact! This is when I began to walk my calves and get into a comfortable position as I walk.

I’ve noticed that I am more stable, less affected by my lower-half, and have a better overall form when I’m walking and sitting. This is really great, but you need to use what you know: good core strength and balance.

3. Stand in place while driving

When it comes to exercise while sitting down, I’ve found that I am able to get more out of the exercise, and get more out of my ride! One of the key ways I feel like I can achieve these goals while sitting is by setting an exercise goal. When I set a goal to walk and ride the bike three times per day, I can achieve both of those things without even moving a muscle!

4. Stand up and take some stairs

I am now working my way up to 20 minutes of moderate exercise (exercise lasting 3-5 minutes) every day, and I am seeing huge changes in my body! As I get closer to my goals, I feel more motivated. This is one of the most important changes you can make to help improve your health.

I will now start the next step to getting my back moving and feeling great again: using the exercises below to start my daily routine and getting back the mobility I didn’t even know I had!

About the Author:

Tiffany Pfeifer is a full-time mom and full-time writer, working to improve her life through writing and yoga. She is an avid fan of both fiction and nonfiction, especially horror and science fiction. Her dreams of moving to the Pacific Northwest are inching closer and closer everyday.